What Scarlett Johansson’s Missing in the Representation Debate – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on July 17, 2019

Trevor unpacks Scarlett Johansson’s recent controversial comments about being allowed to “play any person, or any tree.”



  • Asa Coe 9 months ago

    I agree Trevor.

  • Khajitxi 9 months ago

    The clip cuts off before Trevor is done speaking. And yeah absolutely any representation means the world when you’re a little kid.

  • Charlie Abraham Arana 9 months ago

    Omfg why cut it off at the end like that? ??

  • Steadno 2006 9 months ago

    Nailed it

  • keshia nowden 9 months ago

    Thank you for constantly keeping all of us constantly woke, Trevor!

  • Steve Kavanagh 9 months ago

    Cuts off at the end lol

  • Nicolette B 9 months ago

    Shouldn’t we be putting pressure on the people making the casting decision?

  • lu lima 9 months ago

    Where is the end of this clip????

  • Zglrd 9 months ago

    I think the best actorthat fits the vision of the director, should get the role

  • Sara black 9 months ago

    And WHAT

  • Minho Cho 9 months ago

    This debate, in my opinion, are two separate debates that people are combining as one. I personally believe and agree with the idea that an actor or an actress should be able to play any role, however, they should be aware of the lack of representation and the opportunities that minority people lack in Movies in general but especially in Hollywood. I think that the idea that minority figures should be played only by minority actors is not a good idea, but people should also aware of the fact that many minority actors lack the opportunity to participate unless there is a movie about them.

  • Luc Hill 9 months ago

    Trevor hitting the nail on the head

  • Dr.Riff M.D. 9 months ago

    There’s someone who gets paid to cast actors. Blame them.

  • J alongfortheride 9 months ago

    I hope scarlettt sees this.

  • badguy blah 9 months ago

    That’s some good bullshit… Trevor is great most of the time , but when he gets to representation his view is just so skewed.

  • cuterpooter 9 months ago

    “…the luxury of all these roles, AND”. Why, COMEDY CENTRAL, why?
    Other than that, great job as usual Trevor and Daily Show folks.

  • None of your Business 9 months ago

    The whole discussion is missing the point: as an actor, it is her perfectly good right to play any role that she agrees to and that she can get. The criticism should be aimed at the _casting directors_ and _producers_ who decide on who to *give the role to* . But since average movie goers hardly know that these _exist_ or, if they do, what these people actually DO in a movie production, it is easier to just blame the face that everybody knows.
    A little more differentiation, please.

  • chummer2060 9 months ago

    Representation is huge.

  • Lee Wassup 9 months ago

    Whyd they have a woman playing a trans man though? Idc if the actor’s trans I just want it to be a man.

  • ely 9 months ago

    She’s out of touch


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