What Scarlett Johansson’s Missing in the Representation Debate – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on July 18, 2019

Trevor unpacks Scarlett Johansson’s recent controversial comments about being allowed to “play any person, or any tree.”



  • mark totton 9 months ago

    And at the end of the day you have to be a good actor. Everyone should have a chance to win a role, but at the end of the day you also have to be a good actor, whether gay, trans, Japanese or whatever, and I think that is Scarlett’s point. She is a damn good actress and the benefit you get from that is being able to pick and choose parts. At the end of the day she is a performer, doing what she does incredibly well, if others are not getting the chances they should, I think she is probably the last person you should be aiming at.

  • The Nerd Upstairs 9 months ago

    The people with money dont greenlight movies without bankable stars. Secondly he is misrepresenting what she exactly said. Thirdly – you have to take baby steps. Get the movies greenlit, get them into the mainstream as a regular thing and then slide the unknown actors who are closer fit to a character synopsis.
    Scarlett said that as an actor she is required and expected to be anything the script requires. Was anybody speaking up when Al Pacino was opening the doors by playing Cuban or Jewish in film? Is Meryl Streep a russian mother of 2 ? No.
    You get the movies made ,you get them into the mainstream and then when they are as normal as breathing then start to open the casting doors. How come nobody was crying when Tom Hanks won an Oscar for Forrest Gump or Sean Penn being nominated for I am Sam? How many times is Alfred Molina going to play a Jewish character? The producers of Ghost in the shell wanted the star. Trust me though…they could have gotten an Asian actor and America still wouldn’t have gone to watch it because the IP doesnt mean shit to average americans. People are acting as if she was the lead in Crazy Rich Asians pretending to be asian from Singapore. Get a grip.

  • PinkFluffyPandicorn Blub 9 months ago

    aaaaah damn, I love him so much <3

  • might is Right 9 months ago

    Come on trevor if ghost in shell played by Japanese then no one wouldn’t watched it.

  • Joshua Lelo 9 months ago

    show me the actor from ANY community with more talent, skill, beauty and range than Scarlett and I’ll happily buy the ticket to that movie

  • Sharon Abraham 9 months ago

    People are so busy blaming and shouting that they forget to have a calm discussion! Trevor uses his platform to effectively give these issues a softer perspective. Kudos to you Trevor!!!

  • Tara Moore 9 months ago

    And thats why we luv u Trevor… ???

  • J Will 9 months ago

    As and obese piece of shit, I was thrilled to see Fat Thor. Finally representation for the obese in a super hero movie! Then I was furious when I discovered Chris Hemsworth didn’t actually put on the weight! It was just a fat suit. How dare he!!! #FatPeopleMatter

  • George Fakes 9 months ago

    Why did you feel you had to clarify that middle easterners are sometimes terrorists?

  • Qu3st 9 months ago

    love ramy, wish to meet the comedian in real life

  • Gaurav Mathur 9 months ago

    Your statements are powerful , but the journey how you got to the conclusion is even more exciting . Keep it up and brighten the day.

  • Bon Rex 9 months ago

    so why not make original black charachters instead of race swapping them? instead we get charachters that have had great development for years race swapped for whatever reason.

  • Sharon Popolow 9 months ago

    I was very upset when the Last Airbender and Battle Angel Alita casted non-Asians in very popular and well-loved animes/mangas. If there are enough actors of the intended ethnicity, the role should go to them. That’s not affirmative action. That’s authenticity.

  • Phoa Jefrie 9 months ago

    Finally, someone with progressive agenda that understand that inclusivity is something that is not completely good, well said Mr. Noah!

  • masterxm1972 9 months ago

    The whole interview with ScarJo is on the Hollywood Reporters Youtube channel. That “quote” is a small piece of a 5 minute section where she discusses her experience that is also part of an hour long discussion between 5-7 actresses about a bunch of subjects.

  • Itchybum Stinkyfingers 9 months ago

    Scar Jo sells movie tickets, that’s all there is to it.

  • Katheryne Mero 9 months ago

    Neil Patrick Harris played a sexist straight guy on How I Met Your Mother. This is why I know he is such a good actor- he was so believable. The point is that he was acting.
    I love Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The best part is the Lady Chablis, a transgendered character. She’s the star of the show really, but it’s not acting. She was playing herself. That’s the truth of this: If you’re a transgendered character playing a transgendered character you’re not acting at all, you’re playing yourself. That makes it biography.
    I’d rather see a transgendered person actually acting, playing a real role that makes them shine. I’m not really interested in seeing Scarlett Johansson act. I think she’s kind of awful, but she is correct. Actors should be able to play anything.

  • ArpenteurDeToile 9 months ago

    While Reply

  • J.F. Davis 9 months ago

    Still, I love Scar Jo

  • deadbabybuffet 9 months ago

    Hollywood is not liberal, it’s a industrial complex. It’s about making money. Scar-Jo will take any role that pays over $10 million, and Hollywood will give her the role because the world still loves pretty white women with angular features.

    If people want representation go out and make movies that represent you. Zuko was not Indian, but Shwaralan put his kind of people in there because he could.


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