What Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Means for Ukrainian Women and Children

Published on March 10, 2022

Ukrainian women are facing the consequences of Putin’s imperial delusions, but they are fighting back and rising to the almost-impossible challenge of protecting both their country and their families. This is a digital exclusive.




  • Ramin Ostad 2 years ago

    I love how refugees get to be refugees when they’re white, instead of a “caravan” of “criminals”

  • nothing works works 2 years ago

    Serious question- didn’t trump keep his enemies closer? IJS. I loathe 45, but why didn’t this happen under his watch?

  • Paul Michel 2 years ago

    We should not have allowed this, but it would have been better to draw a line in the sand and hope Russia calculates they are outmatched by our military and backs down.

  • WhiteSpatula 2 years ago

    I suppose Putin is still to be congratulated because, hey.. whatever price he got for selling his soul to the devil.. the devil was cheated. -Phill, Las Vegas

  • djguapo 2 years ago

    SAMANTHA BEE is back!!

  • Polly Tiks 2 years ago

    Truer words were never spoken, Samantha Bee.

  • Alex Blumberg-Long 2 years ago

    Thank you for correctly calling it russia’s war ON ukraine. So frustrating to continually see it framed as a both sides issue when it is not.

  • GamePapa 2 years ago

    To the pro-Russian trolls who will inevitably invade this channel: Did you think Putin’s nukes will spare you if you just work harder spreading his misinformation? You think he’ll save you a spot in his bunker for being a good little female dog? You’ll just be ashes, just like the rest of us. So why are you still rooting for Team Nuclear Apocalypse?

  • Jake Baker 2 years ago

    White CIVILIZATION is going on trail.
    You picked the wrong mother and black son.

  • Kenzie -.- 2 years ago

    One more time!

  • Gaurav Raj Ghimire 2 years ago

    The only thing scarier is if the invader is US and country is in middle East… Everyone defending their home automatically becomes Terrorist and bombing hospital is rewarded with medal


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