What Happens If Trump Closes The Mexican Border?

Published on April 2, 2019

Closing the U.S.-Mexico border could be devastating for trade and avocados.

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  • jf76 8 months ago

    Ok I cannot continue to exist at this point.

  • Terézia Marková 8 months ago

    Neighbouring country is poor and we are rich, so people run away to us. What should we do? Why, cut the aid to those countries, so these people can be even more poor and desperate! God, Trump really has a knack for making just the worst possible decision in every situation.

  • Blak 8 months ago

    How about he just closes his damn mouth.

  • Valdagast 8 months ago

    I don’t think Stephen should slat-shame the wall.

  • Slihrih 8 months ago

    Donald “Trump” is a nasty old man.

  • Brian Jensen 8 months ago

    dot dot dot dot lolllllllllll so good who writes this stuff? are you sure the joke isn’t in morse code? lollllllllllll

  • unknown President 8 months ago

    Close the USA , from White People , and back date it !

  • ziqi92 8 months ago

    Wow, and I thought CA loved their avocados.

  • Philip Bernard 8 months ago

    This is getting so old. Colbert has got nothing left. If it wasn’t for Trump he wouldn’t have a show! Sad!

  • speedy 8 months ago

    … oh, right, america is in state of emergency….. i ‘ve forgot

  • Finn Hansen 8 months ago

    Maybe they could stop giving money to Israhell too. Save some bucks there.

  • enrique cortez 8 months ago

    That floor Mexico joke hurt.

    Piso mojado


  • Buzz Kilgore 8 months ago

    So this guy and every other talk show host has been lying about Trump for almost three years now and you people still watch him? Wake up!

  • Jeremy Raboin 8 months ago

    I’m going to miss dot dot dot dot. when all this is over..lol……..

  • Hero Deeo 8 months ago

    Trump is a curse … hes doing the criminal reforms because he knows he will ended up in prison

  • Sean Embry 8 months ago

    The US should worry about the Mexican government closing the border for legal trade. And guess what? They are talking about closing the boarder until Trump is removed from office. Want to buy a car, guess again. Need a dishwasher or an A/C? Well, get ready, prices will more than double. Want lettuce and tomatoes? Nope. Want an instant unemployment crisis? 4.8 million jobs would go away with a boarder crossing closure lasting more than 5 days. The US is not the only country Mexico trades with.

    And the other ones have rational leadership.
    Just sayin’.

  • Rillymilly 8 months ago

    Close the border… Trump, KAG 2020!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thato Mogale 8 months ago

    I’m not central American, but even I am offended by three Mexican countries. We can all agree that that’s downright ignorant.

  • Evil Ash 8 months ago

    no avocados? what will californian’s eat? air?

  • Dollie 8 months ago

    “Mexico takes our money!” Like how? Please explain! Does he even understand how trade works?


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