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  • CBWAVY 2 years ago

    Lindsay Graham is a piece of garbage. Him asking Trevor about his status and then saying someone like him is not going to work was disgusting and disturbing to hear. This is the same person who said, any black person can be successful and go anywhere in his state as long as they support him and republicans. HE is xenophobic and racist.

  • Xaiver Blackhorse 2 years ago

    Who put the Gun Powder in Lindsey Graham’s Fruit Loops?

  • nullunit 2 years ago

    This is so dark. the malignancy of that dudes cynicism is staggering. I hope Jamie H. takes his seat. Lindsay is fatted and ready, get him out of there.

  • Jessica 2 years ago

    It so much worse to realize how aware he was about who Trump really was and what he was doing and that he decided to join him despite it, vs the people who were genuinely stupid and ignorant and greedy and got caught up in his web and are starting to come to realize what Lindsey Graham has known all along

  • Teneice Permission 2 years ago

    😮 😮 😮😮😮😮

  • altitude illume 2 years ago

    holy casting out the evil! trevor! you just sent #LINDSEYGRAHAMtoHELL, it’s a lock.

  • RICH AMER 2 years ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5Xpwyd4aMM *THE BEST POLITICAL AD EVER*

  • TWSTF 8 2 years ago

    He used to say one thing and says the exact opposite now because he’s got no backbone.

    After Trump became the Republican Nominee, all those GOP Senators like Mitch “Palpatine” McConnell and Ted “Kowakian Monkey-Lizard” Cruz got phone calls from Charles and David Koch, demanding they all IMMEDIATELY get in line.

    See, today’s GOP doesn’t represent it’s voters, they represent their DONORS, the Koch brothers being the granddaddys of them ALL. Spending millions every year to Republican politicians up and down the ballot to maintain the current status quo and you better BELIEVE they expect a return on that investment!

    This is why, since leaving his work at Jabba’s Palace on Tattooine lol Ted Cruz went from feigning infuriation towards Trump the day before the Convention for all the allegations he’d been throwing his way about his father and especially insulting his wife on Twitter to sitting there while the Convention was still going on at a table actually doing robo-calls to generate support for Trump’s candidacy against Hillary Clinton.

    Not even 24 hours had passed and the Republican DONORS had ripped Ted Cruz’s spine out like the creature from “Predator.” 🤣

    So, needless to say, calling out the blatant Republican hypocrisy is like reporting “Breaking News” that water is wet.

    Although it’s still quite cathartic to watch lol every time. 👍😇

  • DGW 404 2 years ago

    He will lose re-election and be like… “I wonder why people did not vote for me?” Graham has lost all credibility these past four years. He needs to go and join Jeff Sessions.

  • m-OS 2 years ago

    He fits biden’s “lying dog face pony soldier” model.. 😂

  • Dan Juárez 2 years ago

    He got castrated

  • Beverly Gutierrez 2 years ago

    Lindsay was shown the absolute corruption by the democratic party. That happened.

  • Daniel Ryan Cruz 2 years ago

    Are we also forgetting when Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist?

  • Stephen Tosh 2 years ago

    And then he had spine removal surgery

  • B 2020 2 years ago

    painful to see how Lindsey sold his soul. He seemed like a reasonable likeable guy before he lost his balls

  • Epic Gamer 2 years ago

    Beijing bribe-em is the evil imp in the bad horror movie Leprechaun. He’s magically malicious!!! Where did ya pull this clip, early 2017? Nice Try, He’s on board the trump train 2020

  • Jonny Tarr 2 years ago

    How many times are you going to let this person lie to you?

  • Ginger Nightmare 2 years ago

    Never forget Lindsey has harmed women in the US beyond belief!! That Amy Coat-hanger Barrett is not even qualified to be a Judge! Both her and Bill Barr have never litigated. There are some people who go to law school and never ever plan to practice law. Amy taught school but she was on the GOP to be a political pawn. It is unfortunate that she will never make a decision. Her husband will tell her what he says God wants her to do.

  • Joe Weis 2 years ago

    Say No To COVID Trump !


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