What Does Millennial Late Night Writer Karen Chee Know: Garbage Pail Kids, Slap Bracelets

Published on January 29, 2020

Seth Meyers quizzes 20-something Late Night writer Karen Chee on how many things from the past she can recognize, like Jean-Claude Van Damme and pencil sharpeners, while she tests him on his “millennial” knowledge.

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  • Bruce John Shourt 3 years ago

    Seth and Karen did not “graduate college”, their colleges graduated them. (Maybe English was not Seth’s favorite class.)

  • Ty Hanson 3 years ago

    This is torture.

  • Yautja Prime 3 years ago

    Not only is it Van Damme but more specifically Van Damme from the set of sudden death ?

  • blacksmith67 3 years ago

    Okay, I wouldn’t have gotten slap bracelet… but for the opposite reason

  • Joseph Gollaher 3 years ago

    karen is funny af… seth, when you retire, give her your job haha

  • alex lim 3 years ago

    Damn i just watched all of these and i knew all the ones seth did and didnt know karens holy crap im getting old! any one else?

  • Alice Keri Reininger 3 years ago

    I hope K.A Applegate watched this, and I’m offended on behalf of Jake for being compared to Timothy Chalamet

  • Allen Rodgers 3 years ago

    I want to take a sec and complain about Arthur, in his first book, yes he started as a book character for children, he looked somewhat like an aardvark, but I guess that isn’t cute enough and he turned into a nondescript unidentifiable mammal.

  • Ty Larson 3 years ago

    Technically she is a zoomer if 24. Most millennials are in their 30s now.

  • SA Inja woof 3 years ago

    Answer: ??MUSCLES from BRUSSELS ??

  • Tabby Smithfield 3 years ago

    I’m 49 and I didn’t know who the chicken guy was!

  • Argentia grace 3 years ago

    love this segment but the only thing i didnt know was the chicken man. and yes they sold cabbage patc h kids late into the 90s if not later

  • Kevin Holsinger 3 years ago

    Trying to think of what aspect of my childhood would be the most confusing to modern people. Slip n’ Slide, Dissect an Alien, Mac Tonight from McDonald’s, Return to Oz…

  • Bin Ren 3 years ago

    So cute

  • Jay Palmer 3 years ago

    A millennial dude would know JCVD

  • crithon 3 years ago

    WAIT A SEC, the youngest Millennial age is 28. She’s a “Zoomer”

  • ProjectFlashlight612 3 years ago

    Oh, who gives two shits what Millennials think. But let’s pretend for a moment, eh? Themselves, lip service to the ecology, their phones, corporate Nazi media sewage, themselves, debased joyless sexuality, and themselves Done. Nothing very intelligent, anyway.

  • Roland 3 years ago

    How do you NOT know JCVD?!

  • Justine Louise 3 years ago

    When I found out that Karen Chee is also a fan of Richard Ayoade and all things British comedy, I stanned even harder. I love her and these videos, so priceless


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