What Did Sens. Warren & Sanders Say to Each Other?

Published on January 16, 2020

James Corden looks at the news of the day, including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders’ non-handshake at the end of Tuesday night’s democratic candidate debate in Iowa caught on a hot mic, and the congress voting to send articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump up to the United States Senate.

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  • Ms Obeyy 7 months ago

    Sanders supporters were out today in my university giving out little cards on why to vote for him

  • Discoveringbands by Michael Nagy 7 months ago

    I like Sanders response of not wanting to waste time with this in public.

  • jhai Uddin vlog music 7 months ago


  • Sharon Flaherty 7 months ago


  • Sonia Vazquez 7 months ago


  • Annie Warbux 7 months ago

    Funny that James of all people would make fun of pomp and circumstance!?! The Queen puts on the biggest show each year for English Parliament? A senseless useless performance. Remember that back in the old days of the Senate, men actually duked it out on the floor! One guy had his leg broken!! Back then, it made more sense that the walking over of the articles could have been a dangerous walk!!!! I just wish other American Citizens could have walked them over with the Legal Team!! After all, it is The People versus Donald Trump!!

  • strem1320 7 months ago

    Wow I didn’t know they had the audio for it. Now it all makes sense. I was right she was pissed and Bernie was trying to make peace and just move on.

  • Tatiacha 7 months ago

    That long impeachment walk of the documents happened for Clinton too 🙂

  • batsha 7 months ago

    Awful this is happening more awful you’re paying attention to this and flaming the flames.

  • Bert 7 months ago

    Warren is a liar and a snake. Bernie is neither and will never be. #bernie2020 #feelthebern

  • John sweda 7 months ago

    Politicians are liars but Bernie Sanders is not a liar never has been it’s not in his nature, I’m afraid this is all set up by Warren’s campaign and CNN the democratic party you could tell by the loaded questions and the smirk on her face she’s totally lost my respect completely.
    You can take the lady out of the Republican party but you can’t take the Republican party out of the lady Warren what a disguise

  • EuroFrench 7 months ago

    Not cool CNN. You’re sowing discourse. And you missed a huge opportunity to ask more insightful, intelligent questions. Worse debate question content ever.
    It’s shameful to report it. At least Steyer demonstrates being the responsible adult in the room.

  • TheZahnFactor 7 months ago

    The Warren-Sanders tiff continued off-camera, where they ironically agreed that they are both horrible far-left old ugly buffoon cretins who will destroy the stock market, corporate profits, and technological advancement.

  • Chrono Cross 7 months ago

    What did Ricky Gervais call James Corden?

  • W Washington 7 months ago

    Goodbye, Elizabeth Warren!

  • owelic 7 months ago

    Elizabeth Warren is a horrible evil person.

  • Mónica Sofía Pérez 7 months ago

    Not fair you are portraying Sanders out of his character. Shame James Corden.

  • Evil Lyn 7 months ago

    Shame on you James.

    *Bernie does NOT lie*

  • Francisco Aguilera 7 months ago

    Bernie said the same thing about Hillary and Hillary Clinton beat him by 3 million votes lol.. Keep it up Bernie.. you’re repeating 2016 all over again. ??

  • Croatian_Sensation 7 months ago

    Bernie is an honest man


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