What Did President Bush Whisper To President Obama?

Published on October 24, 2017

The 43rd President wasn’t mic’ed up when he got a big laugh out of the 44th President during an event to raise funds for hurricane relief. Stephen fills in the blank.

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  • Sonja Darai 12 months ago

    No, not all of them are welcome back.

  • b d 12 months ago

    After the Shih Tzu joke, someone says “I didn’t think it was funny”

  • Dianne Enterkin 12 months ago

    Who’s the President of The US Virgin Islands??

  • Kokomo B 12 months ago

    I bet it was more like, and everyone thought I was terrible

  • Darcy Poirier 12 months ago

    Yes come back! America needs you more then ever!

  • magentusrex 12 months ago

    I don’t know why, but Stephen sort of reminds me of Jack Benny in this clip.

  • Joshua Siramarco 12 months ago

    Oh my God I think Colbert Greek has be up to something what if we get rid of trump and his whole ministration and while elections are taking place 4 the new president we have the rest of the president’s the five presidents just just hanging around as president or the five conference I don’t know called something better

  • Nasiyah W 12 months ago

    Is it me or Clinton heard the joke and tried not to laugh he has a minute of composure he almost smiled and laughed lol

  • PetBourgeois 12 months ago

    ‘you think they miss us yet?’

  • Jacob Morejead 12 months ago

    I’m suddenly Imagining a presidential super team made up of the living past presidents that team up to stop/help Trump. Thank you for this amazing mental Image Stephen.

  • This Looks Sketchy! 12 months ago

    It looks like George W. Bush is trying to grab Bill Clinton’s non existent titties.

  • Georg Spengler 12 months ago

    Bush still deserves more jail time than Trump

  • Macca 12 months ago

    Was that Stephen channelling Jack Benny at 1:27

  • Just Being Socially Awkward 12 months ago

    That moment when you realize that you need to bring back some of the old presidents to do the job of the current one…

  • LunazulBaraka 12 months ago

    The jokes on the comments are better lol

  • 100-d0llA-$prite 12 months ago

    When I saw them on all stage the other day I thought the same thing….Help!!

  • Hope O 12 months ago

    the smug look on Bush’s face after he said whatever he did to Obama was perfect

  • UFO963 12 months ago

    It looks like bush hugged Clinton from behind lol

  • kishona69 12 months ago

    Whatever it was that he said to Obama, it clearly had something to do with Clinton. Look at the way Bush looks at Clinton after the secret.

  • Jenn K 12 months ago

    I REALLY want to know what was said….


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