What Did Dwyane Wade’s Wife Yell at Him During Games?

Published on December 15, 2021

James asks NBA legend Dwyane Wade about his new photographic memoir “Dwyane” which includes images from across his career, including one of his wife Gabrielle Union yelling at him as he tries to guard LeBron James in their last game against each other. And after Tessa Thompson and James recall their separate run-ins with Sisqó, Reggie Watts has a question.


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  • Courtney 2 years ago


  • Laura Meggison 2 years ago

    Okay… Totally ignorant question… Admit that upfront….
    But wasn’t Duane Wade the boyfriend of Lisa Huxtable when she went to college and then he dated Whitney? Can’t even remember the name of the show. I just keep picturing that guy with the flip up shades.


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