What Causes Mass Shootings? | The Daily Show

Published on August 6, 2019

A closer look at the roles that anti-immigrant rhetoric, violent video games, internet hate groups, and mental illness play in America’s gun violence epidemic, and, of course, the gun themselves.



  • Levi Jerome 1 year ago

    to much guns thats thats the reason guns is to easy to get

  • free thinker 1 year ago

    The general public knowing illegal immigrant were in USA is a fairly recent knowledge , the insane stuff like the availability of scopolamine scare most American who cant blame them ! Video. Game aren’t new! They existed at the hight of Harlem queen and Bronx mayhem ! And that criminal there did t criminal because of video game

  • Varun Thomas 1 year ago

    The moment of truth when we get to know, that even satirists are refraining major content from the true reason until the last moment – guns. Talking about gun control itself has become Taboo in US or anti National. The growing preach of hate and increase in state tensions and provocative sanctions should be reconsidered when there is an epidemic at home itself.

  • nova avon 1 year ago

    3:50 someone’s caught the flu. Get well soon!

  • Piosi Mondal 1 year ago

    Just stop selling the god damn guns to everyone ?

  • Moses 1 year ago

    Some people find joy in healing?
    Some people find joy in killing?
    A twisted ego causes mass shootings ?

  • ruehlstud 1 year ago

    Wonder how much the NRA give fox news to air that nonsense.

  • Todd Romain 1 year ago

    GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE! Politically polarized psychopaths that have easy access to guns and the freedom to use them kill people!

  • Bernardo Rosado 1 year ago

    Weak ass monologue… We’re way pass the thoughtful introspection. You have to clearly and strongly name the problem for what it is, and condemn it. The problem is the abundance of guns and the abundance of ignorance, that is the lethal cocktail prevalent in America.

  • Rosbif06600 1 year ago

    The internet is fr more dangerous than guns. Russia used it to get Trump elected.

  • LOVE GOD NOT MONEY 1 year ago


  • katherine muaña 1 year ago

    Using social medias as advantage for people to know noice

  • jaren williams 1 year ago

    Black ppl have been mass incarcerated from at least the 1980s starting around the government sanctioned crack epidemic genocide attempt. Funny how mental illness only comes up now after white guys start hunting humans in public. I agree its not mental illness; i believe white ppl are genetically predisposed to be violent and partake in savage behavior. Lots of ppl will try to call this racist, but fact is only white men typically do this. So facts can not be racist and blame the shooters not me. As long as white ppl dont address the violence they have partook in predating America itself this will never end. Everyone plays video games only white men turn the games into reality. #foodforthought White ppl you need to stop talking about “what about Chicago” and start saying what about domestic terrorism and racism in our white community. White men y’all love to brag about being fathers to your children… how about instead of training them to be racist, gun hoarding, blood thirsty domestic terrorist you teach them to be kindhearted, god fearing, law abiding citizens. #isaidwhatisaid. black ppl get gunned down for running away from blood thirsty police officers who will end your life over a $1 baby doll your toddler took out of a store if you are black and whites say “should’ve complied” but these savages murder dozens of ppl and you ppl question mental illness. Same with opioids… everyone in the world uses medication, but only white ppl decide its their mission to figure out how to overdose on them. Something is seriously wrong with your white segregated community and its time you people pull yourselves up by your bootstraps.

  • WachSein 1 year ago

    Who takes it serious what these conservative politicians say? We all know that they have been bought.

  • TheWinglessHawk 1 year ago

    What most people who didn’t look into philosophy can’t understand is that humanity is free to do whatever they please. Yes we made laws to provide safety in a larger group, but still we are free. Free to do whatever we like and how we think is right. That doesn’t need to be necessarily right, but they can still act upon it with a healthy mind. How do we define an opinion as sick? Isn’t it the given social bonderies which sets the rules for the “right way to think”? Would some actions be accounted differently when our society would be different, too? I hope I could give a few of you a moment of deep and interesting thought. Greetings from germany where currently some people push other people in front of a train, just because they wanted to with a complete healthy mind.

  • Sondre Karlsen 1 year ago

    I have played NHL all my life, i have played Need for Speed all my life, i have played CoD and GTA most of my life.

    And acording to these «experts» violent video games make murderers. Well do NHL make me a pro hockey player? Do Need for speed make me a racer?

  • Neo Brian 1 year ago

    False flag to control the internet

  • General Durandal 1 year ago

    Well, the anonymity of the internet can embolden monstrous people.
    But if they regulate the internet, they would have an easier time regulating what we see,
    which would make the supremacists have an easier time controlling everything,
    so we shouldn’t let them.

  • Epixdude342 1 year ago

    domestic terrorisim isnt created by violent media or mental illness, its created by ideology. If anyone’s paid attention, foreign terrorisim is spawned by the exact same thing- a clash in ideologies creates tension and ultimately violence. All it takes to breed a domestic terrorist is a- the feeling that they’ve been enabled to take action and b- the means to enact it on their own. We’ve been fostering that climate- what with trump’s racist rhetoric going unchecked and unpunished, it created this atmosphere that people can do and say whatever they want now. that racists have been empowered to push over the people they want to hurt because the country’s leader reflects that. we cant blame anyone else aside from us- we’ve put ourselves here, in a world where our president is racist, sexist, and homophobic, and will never change to make major gun control laws at all.

    we let these mass shootings happen by consequence. yet all we can do now is just have them in our “hearts and minds”.

  • Kaku Epsilon 1 year ago

    Wow, I’m so angry that we’re blaming everything BUT the guns and how irresponsible the US is because all Republicans are busy suckign the dicks of the NRA. FUCK. ANYONE. WHO. BLAMES. THE INTERNET. OR VIDEO GAMES. OR MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. ON. THE. SHOOTINGS!


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