What Are The Craziest Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on April 16, 2020

From making meals out of bats to 5G wifi weakening immune systems, a look at the craziest conspiracy theories and urban legends about the start of the coronavirus. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah

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  • Pink Freud 3 years ago

    Thank you, as someone with a highly amplified/public voice, for finally saying: “…because of racism!” 😩 CoViD origin theories ARE RACIST!!! FYNALEEE! Thank you! 😃😊🤩 Also: race bias in International politicians, medical profession & media led to widespread International complacency in preparedness for epidemic & pandemic, despite WHO repeated warnings to prepare. We are in this situation because they ALL presumed “it’s just an Asian thing”😒 / “Here we go again, Asia with an outbreak”🙄 / “Uh! Another virus from Asia?Well, it’s in Asia so…🤷‍♀️…it won’t come here”.
    When this time, everyone could see from mid-January: this was a very, very different outbreak before it even left China!

    Interesting that majority of conspiracy theorists, of all ppl, cannot see how anti-5G is pro-American Government, pro-Australian Government, pro-Japanese Government & most of all pro- big corporate “western” businesses!!! Obviously a theory injected into the conspiracy theorist forums & conversation BY GOVERNMENTS & CORPORATIONS!!🤦‍♀️😱

    Also: 5G conspiracy is just as racist at the bat-food assumption. Helping American Corporation&Government crush Huawei out of the market (srsly, Huawei r sh1t, they will crush themselves. Don’t need help!)

    Very disappointing that conspiracy theorists, with intelligence to grasp so much but make atrociously illogical connections. With the capacity for potentially great imagination & creative hypothesising…The same ppl who themselves are advocates for the theory of evolution over the ludicrous USA school teachings of “intelligent design”/creationism. And yet not one of them considered, very simply & basically: evolution of SARS CoV1.

    Nor have they ever once considered the *ongoing* species’ mutations from Fukishima. This alone is incredibly disappointing. Who said a virus cannot mutate as a consequence of radiation? Or indeed, why can’t a species such as a Bat or a Pangolin endure a mutation in themselves while carrying SARS-CoV1, thus making it more transmissible to humans & triggering a viral mutation in order to spread itself?
    BASIC – AGE 15 – BIOLOGY class! WTF!? Evolution or radiation. Core basics.

    Also, let’s not forget USA still had rampant zoonotic disease: BSE/Mad Cow Disease cases in 2015. Probably all American conspiracy theorists are suffering from a form of CJD?😜 So shove that up your racist woo-woos!

  • Jahfar Evans 3 years ago

    If the virus was caused by 5G the US and south Korea would be one of the first to get reports of the virus. So people should stop with this Corona is caused by 5G thing, this is just plain non sense

  • Alberto Lopez 3 years ago

    He forgot the theory that Bill Gates created the virus or did he…. puppets

  • Wolf Heart Gaming 3 years ago

    Covid 19 was started by furries.

  • ShameGames gametime 3 years ago

    Well in a recent study published that got deleted within 2 days, they said that there are 4 new insertion in covid that are HIV insertions out of which 3 are inactive and one is active, that active insertion is the reason why it is transmitting person to person, and they said that its hard to happen naturally within such a small time…

  • Death Cheaters Guild 3 years ago

    A 🇨🇳 🦇🥢 natural virus 🦠, or a bio-weapon ☣️. Or a bio-weapon designed to look like an natural virus 🦠. Released 🧫 🧪 by who 🛬 and why? 🤔

  • Habtamu K. 3 years ago

    Is the ‘meow’ Trevor’s sound or a real cat Ft. in? #conspiracist

  • Deka Ibrahim 3 years ago

    Umm bat or not doesn’t matter to me I blame the Chinese. I’m not defending them anymore as a African the world can go hard at them and I’m not blinking once 🤷🏽‍♀️ bye China 🤬

  • Ankita Pr 3 years ago

    They all r conspiracy theories , but one thing is for sure china hide this for long about Wuhan virus , and yes animal to human transmission could be possible if food hadn’t cooked properly b4 eating

  • Baron Von Dump 3 years ago

    “Trumpsters aren’t b*tt f*cking r*tards” This conspiracy theory has been debunked

  • Kakanga Moses 3 years ago

    Wild life trafficking is rife in Asia and Asia has been ranked as the capital of illegal wildlife trade. This is is a billion dollar market. Several countries in Asia people use wild animal products for food and medicine. official theory of origin is that the virus has an intermediate animal source that is a pangolin. You do not have to eat it the meat but by touching contaminated surfaces you get infected with corona viruses harbored by animals like bats and pangolins….The wildlife wet markets are so filthy and animals are treated in inhumane ways

  • 朱仲希 3 years ago

    In China’s Chinese restaurants, they rarely ever serve fortune cookies.

  • Simona Paraschiv 3 years ago

    Oh, you cellphone towers, the witches of the 2020, haha!

  • mohammad shahjahan 3 years ago

    So after knowing from you genius i can certainly make the judgement that it came from jews and CIA mosaad RAW combination

  • Nazim Ud Din 3 years ago

    Yeah 5G theory was my favourite.

  • Death Cheaters Guild 3 years ago

    Go watch Mission Impossible 2. Who’s making money 💰 off of this pandemic? Connect the dots… Question everything!

  • Chairman Mao 3 years ago

    More black people died because the bat is black

  • Nathaniel Gomez 3 years ago

    The way I saw it on Lawhy86 YouTube channel is that they were researching a virus in rural China and brought bats from the area to a lab in Wuhan. Bat urine somehow got one of the researchers sick near the Wuhan Wet Market and that’s how it started. Huan Yan Ling is believed to be the first person to get sick from it and die.

    Also you can still get sick from bats. The person who prepares the bat soup can get sick from handling the bat. Thousands get semolina from handling chicken every year.

  • DethronerX 3 years ago

    1:31 = best accent


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