What America Gets Wrong About the Southern Border – Long Story Short | The Daily Show

Published on March 31, 2023

When you hear politicians scare-mongering you about the border, remember, they’re not preaching facts, they’re promoting fear. In this week’s installment of Long Story Short, John Leguizamo separates border myths from the border facts. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Kim Fauth 2 months ago

    SO TRUE!!! I lived in Yuma, Arizona for 24 years and have so much RESPECT for the people who cross the border daily and work the fields so that I can go into the air conditioned store to purchase my vegetables.

  • Mushrumbo 2 months ago

    Man can you guts make John permanent, he’s crushing it

  • Marcos Garcia 2 months ago

    100% agreed

  • Info time 2 months ago

    Excellent, Well said, John.

  • Chad Mathews 2 months ago

    Looking at Eric Trump, he would make a perfect transgender person, he has really feminine features in his face, except for the ugliest smile ever.

  • TER510 2 months ago

    I have to say that this segment was a bit disappointing. We tuned into The Daily Show to watch John Leguizamo do a segment on The Southern Border. We are obviously not the group in America who are demonizing immigrants coming in through Mexico. Also, do you think we didn’t all already know that Fox News and MTG are full of BS and demagogues on this issue. I was hoping to hear some ideas on how we could better handle the situation or what John would do if he were in Office. Not just Fox News is ridiculous. We already knew that.

  • Monica Bauer 2 months ago

    To quote Ralphie May “If white people picked your vegetables a salad would cost you like $97”

  • Timothy Tommy Kurnia 2 months ago

    Well said John! Stealing our jobs my ***
    I never seen any Americans that would like do the dishes in restaurants like those “immigrants” does. And that just one job.

  • Jo Ann Ephraim 2 months ago

    The more I listen to #JohnLeguizamo the more I’m sure I want him bumped up the ranks of those being considered as the permanent host. #HeresJohnny

  • John Cahill 2 months ago

    This is so true…lived the last 20+ years in Arizona seeing reality and hearing this BS from the Right. Nice to hear the truth for a change.

  • Jo Lynn Hill 2 months ago

    Great job John! You are great at this desk!

  • Dee7 2 months ago

    That last quote went so hard, got chills

  • Kate Uhler 2 months ago

    He’ll NEVER see another inauguration.

  • Justice 4 All 2 months ago

    What they get wrong about Southern border is listening to gop


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