“We’ve Got It Upside Down” – Admiral James Stavridis On America’s Permissive Gun Laws

Published on May 26, 2022

The former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO joins Stephen for a fascinating discussion about NATO, the relationship between Russia and China, and how the rest of the world puzzles over America’s chronic gun violence problem. Check out the new book by Admiral James Stavridis, “To Risk It All,” available everywhere now. #Colbert #ToRiskItAll #JamesStavridis

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  • Andrew Petrie 1 year ago

    No wonder he got the job. Neat dude. Remember! It’s not the size of the army, but the fury of the fight.

  • Rob Van Gessel 1 year ago

    Well: interviews lilke this are important to hear. But we’ve heard this every year outside the COVID shutdown, and MOST Americans recognize this argument about civilians owning military arms. It doesn’t matter. Voters nationwide haven’t put a dent in it. The gun makers, the corporations, the Washington gun lobbies pay Republican shills like in Texas to just ride it out every time there’s a mass shooting. They go thru the motions by sitting on stage or standing at a dais, and mention a few morsels abt mental health and maybe arming teachers – acting like it’s important to them while the clock ticks. And then they go home and block all legislation and refuse to raise taxes to expand mental health care or fund permanent security guards on every school campus in the country. That’s the kind of garbage we voters can’t remove from office – thanks to the glory hole known as GERRYMANDERING. Oh, we can vote some of them out. But not enough of them to fix this situation. (Besides, over the last 6 years they seated so many conservative puppet circuit judges that even if the Dems have a majority in Congress, these judges will just knock down the measure before it becomes law; then it goes to a Supreme Court that’s totally in the pockets of corporations as well.) Our whole political system is SUCH a fallacy!

  • Wayne Wright 1 year ago

    “What America looks like to the outside world..” is corrupt, dysfunctional and governmentally ineffective.
    I have different Facebook friends in three or four different countries, and they **absolutely cannot** understand the corrupted, ghoulish refusal of a faction of our government to take decisive action to stave off these incidents of mass-casualty shootings..
    What they understand even **less** is why people–especially those with school-age children–keep on voting these indifferent political prostitutes back into elected office..

  • Kial Hounslow 1 year ago

    The USA is quite simply the stupidest country in the world.

  • Greg Orchard 1 year ago

    Maybe the Yanks will realise one day that worshipping an outdated document from the 1700s isn’t working that well…..

  • Behram Cooper 1 year ago

    There is only one weapon deadlier than an assault rifle. And that is your vote. Use it wisely when you next elect your government officials or governor. Legislators are not going to fix anything as long as you keep electing the wrong ones.

  • Hil Pei 1 year ago

    We are being terrorized by 50 GOP Senators and the NRA!!!! They have blood on their hands and BILLIONS in their pockets making profit off DEATH!!!

  • Bonnie Fells 1 year ago

    Awesome interview. So informative and straight to the point.

  • peggy olson 1 year ago

    This was a serious conversation, and the audience seemed to love it. But when Stephen had the PRIME MINISTER OF NEW ZEALAND on his show the night before, all he wanted to talk about with her was what toys her child preferred and her upcoming wedding. It was embarrassing.

  • Eivind Kaisen 1 year ago

    I want to see those Icelandic soldiers, especially since Iceland doesn’t have an army or an air force.
    They do have a small coast guard, the UK can attest to that.

  • d m 1 year ago

    This is how you look from a former American living in Japan: you are sick. You are violent. You are full of arrogance and hate. You are corrupt. You are a fake democracy that can allow a guy who lost the democratic vote to take power because of a racist-constructed system. You can’t pass laws the vast majority want because of a racist filibuster. You have colonies where people in DC, PR and other places can’t vote. You think you are the shining city when you are the shit city. Your poverty and extreme gaps between rich and poor is more extreme than you think. You have cops that kill massive numbers of civilians and you put massive numbers of people in prison. You are constantly fighting wars. You have a massive drug problem. You have millions who can’t get health care and millions who go bankrupt when they can get it. You have 30-40% who believe a con man over scientists and thus 1 million dead from Covid where a place like Japan has 30,000 dead. You have children murdering children while the adults take money from sociopaths who stop minimum laws to prevent such that ALL other nations have. You are deeply sick.

  • Scott O'Keeffe 1 year ago

    Best interview I have seen with a military commander.

  • Jelly Phish 1 year ago

    I seriously could listen to this guy tell stores all day.

  • Matt w 1 year ago

    Does that me we change the draft age to 21 admiral?


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