Wes Moore: People Don’t Relax When The Military Is Deployed In Their Communities EXTENDED INTERVI…

Published on June 3, 2020

The veteran, author and CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, Wes Moore, relates his experience policing foreign communities during the war in Afghanistan to the impossible task Trump would be handing the United States military if he deploys them in American cities. #StephenAtHome #RobinHoodFoundation #WesMoore

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  • Marie FC 4 months ago

    Impressive and thought provoking interview, thank you.

  • lichga100 4 months ago

    Interesting how Derangy doesn’t even mention lockdown power hungry governors.

  • Mysticcoco 4 months ago


  • Google The Show 4 months ago

    #GoogleBlackoutDay@ https://youtu.be/tBmOYJki3hY?t=5

  • Paul Krasner 4 months ago

    What no one wants to discuss is that there are 300 million guns in the US plus, military-grade hardware. The military wouldn’t have a chance. The 2nd amendment fans would say we told you so.

  • Annie S. 4 months ago

    @13:55: We need Universal Basic Income! Andrew Yang 2024!

  • Facts Matter 4 months ago

    President compromised was on the phone with Putin yesterday and he’s following Putin’s orders and direction. He knows he better obey or Putin will release the goods! SHARE!!

  • Kimberley Cummings 4 months ago

    Wes Moore. ✨ You are Kind and Wise.

  • Erwin Godwin 4 months ago

    If peace protest failed already because of looters.

    When military comes in and some anonymous people start shooting innocent, America will be in civil war.

    Be careful!

  • Pak De 4 months ago

    Trump is stupidly evil. He doesn’t even know how evil he is. He’s so stupid he thinks he can go out in public with a Bible and nothing will happen because he’s got military police with weapons surrounding him. If he wasn’t so blindly stupid he would recognize that might not be as safe as he thinks. We still have patriotic people in the armed forces who believe Trump is a clear and present danger to democracy. He should stay in the bunker with only his most trusted secret service agents. It’s just a matter of time until a patriot steps up and makes an executive decision to save our country from this wannabe Mussolini.

  • black bird 4 months ago

    smart, strong, optimistic and aware. Mr Moore and his philosophy are the way forward.

  • Paula Baumann 4 months ago

    I am 65 years old, a boomer according to to youth of today, but I remember the 1985 bomb that the United states government dropped on a Black Community in Philadelphia..
    Let’s not forget Black Wallstreet , where out of jealousy and hate for a thriving Black town, American Hate groups burned, pillaged and murdered Black people. Now in my mind, that is looting. But they were not White so there was no shooting.

    To all the racist saying it was one cop and one murdered man…it’s in your DNA to hate. Some have found their better Angel’s but obvious not enough. I am aware not all White people are racist and not all Cops are killers, but obviously reform is acutely needed. Post Haste.

  • Ezra McCampbell 4 months ago


  • Christopher Franklin 4 months ago


  • TheRaiderra 4 months ago

    Law and order is needed against looters clearly but Trump saying that he will bring in the military… is he insane! Does he even know what the military is used for?

  • laalaa99stl 4 months ago

    Why do I feel like we’re all living in the domino scene from the movie V for Vendetta?

  • mark1138 4 months ago

    At least steve isnt trying to be funny..kiss ass

  • Helena Wang 4 months ago

    He’s so well spoken.

  • Sylvia Hoffman 4 months ago

    Excellent interview. Wes is very well spoken and knowledgeable in the areas of military and police presence in this situation! I hope that this unrest will end with no more lives lost and openings for positive discussions for change and reform. We cannot keep repeating this scenario.

  • CarolusBuchwurm 4 months ago

    What an incredibly charming guest.


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