Welcome To The Late Show OR The Mentalist

Published on September 9, 2015

CBS president Les Moonves has every faith that Stephen’s “Late Show” will work out. But just in case, he’s always got “The Mentalist” as a failsafe.

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  • wickkidda 5 years ago

    Who is that Dick Cheney looking motherfucker? His handler?

  • Jesus Malgapo 5 years ago

    The opening show was a blast! Welcome to Late Night Stephen.

  • craigrenn 5 years ago

    I’m really glad they brought back the Walker Texas Ranger lever in some
    form. They hired Brian Stack, and I hope they can find ways to have him
    interrupt the show.

  • Bos La Moss 5 years ago

    That’s Stephen’s brother sitting next to Les Moonves. Just wanted to point
    that out. thanks.

  • TERRY WATSON 5 years ago


  • Sixth Jayhawk 5 years ago

    Not gonna lie, this makes me want to watch the Mentalist.

  • Sixth Jayhawk 5 years ago

    Every time I hear “Les Moonves” I think of that joke from 30 Rock where
    they put a homeless dude in a vest with moons on it outside the CBS
    studios, and call him “Moonvest at CBS.”

  • TheSherlockedAvatar 5 years ago

    whats with all the dislikes? Colberts first late night show was great!! I
    was curious how it would go for him being out of character but he did a
    great job!

  • dyip32 5 years ago

    move on, Colbert! LOL
    this is great. congrats Colbert

  • dburt0021 5 years ago

    Hilarious skit, but I was disappointed that it was pre-recorded (Colbert’s
    hair was the dead giveaway)

  • Paul Rey 5 years ago

    your band sucks


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