Welcome To The First Church Of Cannabis

Published on September 30, 2015

In the second installment of “Stephen Colbert Gets All Up In Your Faith,” Stephen takes a look at the greenest church in America.

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  • quakertown 5 years ago

    Colbert is honestly one of the few reasons I still watch TV, let alone talk

  • A D 5 years ago

    Legalize it.

  • apachedisco 5 years ago

    4:20 360 no scope bitches. /s

  • AJ06 5 years ago


  • Tormentality 5 years ago

    Legalize EVERYTHING.

  • re11k 5 years ago

    haha spliff belief. its spliff tiff these days colbert.

  • thecalmbro 5 years ago


  • et lux in tenebris lucet 5 years ago

    same cliche pot jokes not even funny anymore can you just legalize the
    fucking plant already you cunts

  • Coregame3 5 years ago

    Legalize Gay Marijuana!

  • versnellingspook 5 years ago

    Marilize gay leguana

  • 1SaG 5 years ago

    Meh… I still prefer John Oliver’s Church of Our Lady of Perpetual
    Exemption. Besides: I’m pretty sure there’s an older Cannabis-themed church
    in Holland. IIRC, Bill Maher interviewed its founder in “Religulous”. Would
    be interesting to see those two churches go to religious war with each
    other … ;)

  • Jonathan Taylor 5 years ago

    The United States legalized “Marihuana” in 1942 to make equipment for the
    military during World War II. Please watch the 1942 USDA film, Hemp For
    Victory. The special license to grow hemp that is shown in the film reads,
    “Producer of Marihuana”. This means that “Marihuana” was already legalized
    to defend both religious and secular freedom in the US. Today because of
    marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs, the “Land of the Free” has the
    largest prison population on Earth.

  • wcm5150 5 years ago

    Legalize it already. There is no need to have the largest prison population
    in the world because of a plant.

  • I Am Jacks Username 5 years ago

    It will be fully legalized in the next 5 years. Mark my words. They want it
    that way you know…the men behind the curtain. They need it that way so
    people will become calm and docile in the ensuing madness the next 10 years
    will bring.

  • João Correia 5 years ago

    Definitely not the first church of cannabis. Ras Geraldinho was convicted
    in 2013 in Brasil for having a few plants for his ceremonies and quite some
    time ago there was this guy named Jesus Christ that cured several maladies
    (glaucoma, menstrual pains , etc) with kaneh-bosm, a cannabis extract.

  • ThePanicPuppet 5 years ago

    I only pray that we see the return of the God machine.

  • Steve Robinson 5 years ago

    I love Colbert and everything..
    but this network can kiss my fucking ass.
    Uploaded a minute and a half of the interview with Bernie Sanders..
    and never made that episode available on demand,
    even though every other episode was available.
    I’m guessing it was CBS’s ignorant bought out decision..
    Probably bought out by Hillary.
    Just like Larry Wilmore who made the interview with Sanders into one big
    Literally interrupting him every time he started to discuss his policies,
    for a “bit” joking about the dumb simpletons who interrupted him from BLM.
    Now, can you imagine if he did that to Hillary?
    Yeah.. didn’t think so.
    Colbert’s interview with Sanders was professional and he gave him the
    spotlight he desperately needs.
    That is why i’m still fucking pissed they made that (Late Show) interview
    soo hard to view.
    Even though they upload damn near full interviews of people like Amy
    Schumer to Jeb Bush.
    Even Ted fucking Cruz.
    Eat shit CBS.

  • zetar0b0t 5 years ago

    I feel like Stephen is slowly reverting into his character again. Not a bad
    thing really.

  • User Error 5 years ago

    I’m tired of this asshole talking about himself being a catholic. I never
    had to care what sect Johnny, Jay or David belong to. This asshole can’t
    shut up about it. It is like he doesn’t realize it marks him out as someone
    who sees value in an “Church” that opposes women and gay rights, shelters
    priests overseas where it transferred them so they couldn’t be prosecuted
    or called as witnesses in civil trials against the church–trials about
    clerical pederasty.

    Johnny, Jay and David may have belong to bullshit, pernicious organizations
    too, but they didn’t brag about it every damn shoe.

    Shut the fuck up about being a goddamn Catholic Stephen. I made you seem
    like an ignorant fool and hypocrite posing as someone enlightened and
    living 21st Century will embracing the very thing that the Enlightenment
    was awakening from.

  • mnz 5 years ago

    You take that agnosticism jab back or I will ponder the thought VERY

  • Nick “TNFox” Rhodes 5 years ago

    I’m instinctually drawn to children. Does that mean we should legalize

  • Rose Isaac Netherton (Aaq) 5 years ago

    Curious to see the agnosticism bit.

  • goldphysh 5 years ago

    Echoes of “This Week in God!”

  • Stoned Soup 5 years ago

    I am starting one out here in cali.

  • TheeMysteryHour 5 years ago

    “I’m a little on the fence-”
    aaaaaand you’re a geezer.

  • Blak 5 years ago

    Some really funny puns in here. Nice on Stephen[‘s writers and Stephen].

  • Boogster Su 5 years ago

    Well, considering that marijuana doesn’t kill you (unlike alcohol and
    tobacco), I’d attend this church if they opened one in all 50 states, not
    to mention advocating for legalization full-throttle.

  • jackstorm777 5 years ago

    If Agnosticism is the seltzer water of religious beliefs, Catholicism is
    water that’s been leaked from the pope’s asshole.

  • pontiacgirl73 5 years ago


  • Radhwan Jubair 5 years ago

    I’m agnostic and I can’t wait for his take on agnosticism!

  • stenbak88 5 years ago

    Cannabis churches have been around for a while now, I know a dude who is
    their version of a priest or church leader

  • Shwah Kram 5 years ago

    Hey guys, did you know Stephen is Catholic?

    Hey guys, did you know Stephen is Catholic?

  • Shwah Kram 5 years ago

    Hey guys, did you know Stephen was Catholic?

  • ThePharphis 5 years ago

    What most people mean when they say “agnostic” is actually agnostic
    atheist. They’re just too cowardly or misinformed to know better.

    I was guilty of this for years.

    “I don’t know” isn’t a belief, and doesn’t answer the question of “do you
    believe a god exists”. It is a dodge.

  • Yanni75 5 years ago

    Proselytize it.

  • Junior525 5 years ago

    Apple is on there as a religion lmao

  • ting280 5 years ago

    there was a church of cannibus in toronto already, its like 3 years old

  • Ant Grisham 5 years ago

    I hope that wasnt a joke and he really will cover agnosticism as an
    agnostic myself

  • Jerri Vaaj 5 years ago

    lol ^_^ love colbert

  • Eric L 5 years ago

    lmao, the Cult of Mac

  • Cornelius Maximillianus 5 years ago

    Stephen Colbert is an atheist but he is faking to be a catholic, he is
    still in character even though he says he isn’t :)

  • Cloudy1127 5 years ago

    He pantomimed that bong hit very accurate, pulling the bowl and everything,
    just sayin.

  • Ras Tafari 5 years ago

    Hash Church did it first!!

  • Gerald Manis 5 years ago

    Everybody tokin’ about heaven ain’t goin’ there….


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