Web Exclusive New Rule: First Do No Parm | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on November 9, 2016

Check out Bill Maher’s new rule.

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It’s HBO.

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  • Indianawill1 2 years ago

    I’m really fascinated to see this week’s episode. Am curious how Bill shall
    tackle the result.

  • Steve the Racist Spider 2 years ago

    Doot Doot, thanks for the dad joke

  • RayBlasterX 2 years ago


  • Doobius John Hampton 2 years ago

    Thanks for helping this come to be. You had Bernie, but that wasn’t good
    enough. Fuck Bill.

  • James Hamers 2 years ago

    when does this part of the swamp drain? Kabul fucks!!!

  • Nihilist Ivy 2 years ago

    you get paid millions for this?

  • Bobs Black 2 years ago

    back when McCain chose Sarah Palin I thought that had to be rock bottom in
    u.s. politics. I was wrong. so very wrong. how America can vote for a man
    who almost said on the view he’d date his daughter is beyond me….then
    again they did elect George Bush twice. Wouldn’t surprise me if trump
    supporters still think it’s rigged. fucking retards

  • Robert Wilkins 2 years ago

    Cheese on toast is amazing and Bill please bash the 46% of eletorate who
    didn’t show up pluse the 11.000 who voted Harambe!

  • fredjones74 2 years ago

    is Bill ok? :(

  • New Message (Unread) 2 years ago

    Yeah well, I like my cheese bread, Charlene! You hear me!?!? YOU DIDN’T WIN
    , you soul sucking harlot!

    I’d kill for a home cooked meal. Take me back, Charlene!

  • Val Baladjar 2 years ago

    Well Bill, sorry about the outcome of the election. But that’s OK – Hillary
    could give it a try again in 2020, right?

  • Jack Grattan 2 years ago

    Can’t wait for the blame game on Friday.

  • Matt Lopez 2 years ago

    Hey Billbo how bout them Republicans huh lmfao eat crow muthafucka

  • Elegant Centrist 2 years ago


    If Americans really cared about their country, they wouldn’t vote based on
    their “feelings” every election. Donald Trump is just proof that the
    Republican Party doesn’t give a shit about anyone BUT their own party. It
    doesn’t matter how bad a candidate they nominate, and even if they
    contradict what they happened to spout 8 years prior. They don’t care, as
    long as their party can do what they want and obstruct everyone else. In a
    fact-free election, these Republicans are able to justify all of their
    nonsense with their “feelings”. As long as they do that, they take money
    from the NRA and exploit the second amendment, take money from coal and
    deny climate change, take money from donors and cut taxes for the rich,
    etc. Republicans only use the “establishment” argument to confuse the
    public and distract people, in order to fuel the status quo pattern of
    obstructionism and bullshit. Obama and Clinton were never “status quo” or
    “establishment”. They’ve been trying to change the system since the
    beginning, but kept getting blocked and attacked by obstructionist
    Republicans, who in fact, were the ACTUAL status quo.

  • Customized Tees 2 years ago

    McDonalds is hiring Bill..:)-

  • Uncle Ben 2 years ago

    On a scale from mad-mad how mad are you Bill?

  • x Jokerz 2 years ago

    Kill your self bill you Hillary shill fuckingnbitch


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