#WearOrange To End Gun Violence | Full Frontal on TBS

Published on June 7, 2019

Today we #WearOrange because we love Everytown, because we want to see an end to gun violence, and because we look very good in it.



  • Mr. Noodles 1 year ago


  • raymondspogo 1 year ago

    Why did it have to be orange? Let’s wear a highly visible color so we make easier targets. *rolls eyes*

  • aslaing 1 year ago

    Cant rock the Orange. Too many people that look like me wear orange. I’m just sayin.

  • catalinacurio 1 year ago

    Samanths, naughty girl, took me a second. ??????

  • NATIVE LATINOS Fook TRUMP 1 year ago

    ?Over 60% of Chicago’s guns come from Red States

  • Waldorf Salad 79' 1 year ago

    No disrespect, but I wanna paint Sam’s sugar walls white.

  • Lala Ghana-Love 1 year ago

    What will wearing orange fix? Americans – and the world – are aware of your gun violence.

    I love you, Sam… but these strategies are shown to never work. Show me one societal ill that’s been overcome by colourful shirts.

    What y’all should be doing instead of wasting money on t-shirts and making sure your outfits match, is using that money to fund politicians who will be able to get to your power structures and tackle those politicians who are owned by those who profit from gun violence. Bolster lobbyists in the same way the nra does.

    You’re not gonna end gun violence until the guys making major money from the guns are forced into a corner with no options. This isn’t about awareness- I know about your gun violence from the other side of the world in a different hemisphere.

    Your fight is with the money. You stop the benefits, you help victims.

  • Dom_90 1 year ago

    Great intent, horrible method.

  • Jonssyy Jons 1 year ago

    Wear orange or write your representatives to change the law to make gun manufacturers accountable for the result their product brings.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Now a bunch of gun nut hunters will refuse to wear orange in the woods, and get their heads blown off by Uncle Billy-Bo-Bob.

  • BellaLuz Ovalles 1 year ago

    Soooooo…..hmm no show on Wednesday? It was highly disappointing. I will be rockin the orange today!!

  • laura lee 1 year ago

    Except i have zero orange anything, i mean I’m thinking hard. I don’t even own orange socks. I have a slightly peachy pink, guess it’ll have to do.

  • William Hutchinson 1 year ago

    we all oppose gun violence. we also
    support our 2d amendment rights.

  • Rollin Kocher 1 year ago

    Go to Fight for the Fallen in Jacksonville, FL on July 13th. Portion of the proceeds go to victims of gun violence. Plus it will be a good show

  • Bobby Collins 1 year ago

    i hate wearing orange!
    I hate Queen’S Day in The Netherlands!
    but I love Pumpkin faces on Halloween or in general…
    except the despisable one that is, for now for some reason, called POTUS!


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