Wearing masks = slavery and Satan. Noted.



  • Stanky Piece of Bluecheese 2 years ago


  • L H 2 years ago

    now that all the smart ones are here, get your flu shots. You know these chucklefucks won’t now.

  • Sener 2 years ago

    Is this funny? It’s insane, sick and real. I can’t laugh at this. It’s genuinely hurting the world.

  • Harshita Hooda 2 years ago

    She did her research from Facebook

  • Runits 2 years ago

    Satan really does protect us from covid, so we only wear masks and stuff just to fit in more.

    Lord Satan take me back soon

  • Magatsu 2 years ago

    Why Haters have crazy eyes and expression?

  • Birthday Cake 2 years ago

    That crazy lady not going to like the ventilator while in the hospital bed when COVID hits her lungs.

  • Bitchfork 2 years ago

    Mocking people, holding people up to ridicule, rank bullying. Hiiiilarious

  • O.H. 2 years ago

    The scary thing is, people like this vote, and their vote count as much as the one from a Novel prize winner.

  • Matt A. 2 years ago

    Can we collect all of these people, put them in a giant craft, and send them to Mars?

  • Richard B. 2 years ago

    The moment we became the Green Day song.

  • LaTrice Martin 2 years ago

    “Doing my research….. ” Geeezzzz

  • Kiabellie 2 years ago

    Be a bit overbearing with eachother.. Psychiatric resources has been cut down too during covid. And fear makes people more anxious and prone to believe conspiracy theories. It is a difference between people refusing to wear mask because “it “infringes on their constitutional rights” and they feel their comfort is more important than other peoples health, and people protesting because they are afraid people who wear masks are taking part in a satanic ritual, and doesn’t know what to believe.. Not everyone can deal with this pandemic on equal terms. Be careful not to ridiculoule illness. People spitting on groceries and people in stores, hitting people who tries to enforce mask; go ahead. Ridiculouling people who seems dragged into whirlpool of protest on the base of pure fear and misconceptions; not so much.

  • HelLo 2 years ago

    She’s gotta be On something, right?

  • cincin75ytb 2 years ago

    Pure evil.

  • Nemerah S. 2 years ago

    I feel like Satan has better things to do


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