“We Will Hold The House” – Speaker Pelosi’s Prediction For The Midterm Elections

Published on October 4, 2022

Stephen’s interview with Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues with her confident assertion that Democrats will retain their majority and pick up House seats in the upcoming midterm elections. Stick around for more with Speaker Pelosi! #Colbert #SpeakerPelosi #NancyPelosi

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  • AJ Shaka 2 years ago

    Democrats 2022! Down with speaker pelosi…boo

  • occamselectricrazor 2 years ago

    “We Will Hold The House” there are over 18 million dead voters in the country still registered, we just have to make sure they all vote

  • Catherine Rosengren 2 years ago

    Biden has done so many great things for the country but I just wish that the accomplishments were made more publicized. The news and talking heads only yammer about the trump crap. That should be in the closet in the basement and all the president actions should be acknowledged on the top of all the news programs. Why is that. Biden gets one line and the trump shit show is front and center. Stop it. AND the don jr. Coke theater should be shown at the beginning of every late night and morning show many times. They are priceless trump

  • Nihiliphim 2 years ago

    I hope one day we see her visit a free Iran and giving us an epic speech to remember forever

  • Kris 2 years ago

    Garland’s failure to prosecute Trump is a problem for the dems, unless the GOP wakes up from it’s delusion there may well be a violent response if republicans do not take more seats

  • Casemboo 2 years ago

    Reading these comments is actually quite sad. This lady has been a politician for 500 years and it shows, and people still vote her in. She can barely hide the lizard part of her now lol.

  • Groovy Kim 2 years ago

    We are so blessed to have you, Madam Speaker!

  • James Wrate 2 years ago

    Vote every GOP out of office

  • Someonewhodoesntuploadanymore 2 years ago

    I wish I had the same optimism… But the polls (and gerrymandering) are not in her favour.

  • New Horizons For Fifty 2 years ago

    Why did the speaker move like a marionette? I’ve loved her for years, and it was almost shocking to see that.

  • Above Nonsense 2 years ago

    These old people need to get out of office. We need to move this country forward people like Pelosi and McConnell are the ones holding this country back for greatness. No one should be in government this long. Term limit for congress and senators should on the ballot maximum 4-6 years.

  • Sig_77 2 years ago

    Term Limits Please!

  • Mystic Bazuso 2 years ago

    She will not hold the house

  • uzul42 2 years ago

    I wonder why Stephen didn’t ask Pelosi about the shameless insider stock trading of Congress members and how she deliberately tanked the bill that was designed to regulate that.

  • L Myre 2 years ago

    What, no questions about the stock trading legislation she just torpedoed?


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