We Stand With The People Of France

Published on November 17, 2015

In the light of the terrorist attacks in France, Stephen explains that any act of humanity and attempt to connect with others in a positive way is fine.

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  • Rishi Astakala 5 years ago

    “did you get up this morning and not try to kill someone?then you are on
    the right track”

  • Rishi Astakala 5 years ago

    “The only thing the acro cats and ISIS have in common is they are a bunch
    of pussies”

  • enteringmyid 5 years ago

    damn i am early

  • Kelvin F 5 years ago

    That last line 10/10

  • vxxfun 5 years ago

    liberty have been censored.

  • solarplexus7 5 years ago

    The irony in censoring the Statue of Liberty

  • SentinelPrimek 5 years ago

    Whoever dislikes this video is a suspect.

  • Yan Stuip 5 years ago

    French fries are actually from Belgium, just saying.

  • Devilinsideme5175 5 years ago

    but French Fries are Belgian…..

  • Blak 5 years ago

    Bunch of pussies is right.

  • Ike Moore 5 years ago

    Stephen, I love you man, don’t ever change.

  • Christian Rankin 5 years ago

    Well then, I did expect a bit more “meat” to this video… Maybe some John
    Oliver style breakdown of why it happened or something.

  • Kevin Devroo 5 years ago

    “French Fries” = actually Belgian. But hey, what do I know, I’m just a

  • Michelle Topham 5 years ago

    Will you be standing with the people of Thailand the next time Bangkok gets
    hit with a terrorist bomb like we did two months ago? A bombing that killed
    123 people — mostly tourists. Or what about the next time Beirut gets hit.
    They got hit the day before Paris — 43 innocent civilians killed. Barely a
    murmur from western news media. Or will it just be western countries you’re
    standing with? Tired of the hypocrisy.

  • simon199418 5 years ago

    french fries are Belgian, ratatouille is Belgian…

  • q851230 5 years ago

    In fact, the French fries is Belgian fries

  • Joe Kerr 5 years ago

    Stephen makes everything better.

  • Jack Folan 5 years ago

    forget IS, no-one liked the acro cats, it was really a sad performance, but
    the cats not giving a shit was cool though, but I wouldn’t pay to see

  • Sam Man 5 years ago

    that last joke was gold

  • fidorover 5 years ago

    “They hate us for our kitties.”
    — *George W Bush*

  • Pēteris Krišjānis 5 years ago

    Excellent piece Colbert. Excellent.

  • TeddyPicker191 5 years ago

    Aaannd cue the endless shitstream of misinformed political arguments. That
    ending line was hilarious though. Colbert is doing an amazing job

  • AbsentiaeAddoAccendo 5 years ago

    Shots fired Colbert, shots fired.

  • Xelif37 5 years ago

    I’m french and I approve this message. My deepest condolences to the people
    of Beirut and every other victim of this barbarity. Let’s not fight over
    the hipocrisy that we live in, they want us to quarrel with each other,
    let’s not give those motherfuckers the satisfaction and show we are united.

  • Belz Zebuth 5 years ago

    Ratatoowee? That’s not how it’s pronounced. :P

  • Sritanshu Sinha 5 years ago

    Fuck CBS for censoring the middle finger. The whole point of the joke is

  • T.E.D 5 years ago

    seriously millions of people and children die in the middle east every year
    and some people die in france and they think of it as the biggest tragedy
    ever? no. I am not saying that they deserved to die but there are bigger
    numbers of people and children who die annually. i am tired of this

  • BenSomething 5 years ago

    It’s good to keep up on the news. I remember being in school and the lunch
    announcements and “freedom fries” and the years we were supposed to hate
    the French. We’re getting closer to 1984’s perpetual war and 5 minutes of

  • { SAINT } 5 years ago

    Ratatoowee was the better part Stayfan Kolbaire lol

  • PHDGom 5 years ago

    You know what I’ve noticed? Nobody panics when things go “in the Middle
    East.” Even if innocent civilian is dead!” If, tomorrow, the press tells
    people that, like, muslim kids got shot, or villages got blown up, nobody
    panics, because it’s all “in the Middle East”. But when things happen in
    France, well then everyone loses their minds!

  • Jacob bon 5 years ago

    my friend is a dumbass we watched this earlier and he didnt realize that
    the statue of liberty was made by france and givin to the americans as a

  • jeff4justice 5 years ago

    Divide and conquer = religion, government / nationalism, and market. I
    stand with all people who support moving past these things that hold
    humanity back.

  • Amanda Tessmer 5 years ago

    “Half the continent”? More like half the country, but decent speech either

  • Jimbahiya 5 years ago

    Did he really say pussies uncensored on-air?

  • Paolo Ariedo 5 years ago

    Considering his excellent previous work “on the old show,” why did Stephen
    here fixate on France and JUST FRANCE? Are the people of Beirut not as
    important as the French? Or the Iraqi lives not as important as the French?
    I get that it’s tragic by all definitions and perspectives, but the reality
    is, what happened in France is a DAILY OCCURRENCE TO THE PEOPLE OF WEST
    ASIA (middle east) yet where’s the world sympathy for them…? Where are
    their lights? Where are their tears? Where are their calls to end violence?

  • chiquitalovaK 5 years ago

    I didn’t really know Stephen Colbert but I love you now, thank you for
    talking about my beautiful country in your show and supporting Paris.

  • Sleepydog 5 years ago

    How about starting each show with a minute for people in Somalia, Yemen,
    Syria, Iraq, Libya etc? Are us Europeans really worth that much more?!

  • Sleepydog 5 years ago

    “Did you get up this morning and not try to kill someone, then you’re on
    the right side” <- that should be the mantra. Bombing people, burning refugee camps and all that belongs to the "try to kill someone". Anyone thinking violence is the solution is on the WRONG side. Stop the primitive thoughts of revenge. Revenge and hate will not stop someone from throwing a grenade into a crowd. Bombing ANYTHING will not stop that. The only way to stop people committing simple to do terrorist acts like that (machine gun into a crowd etc) is for them to feel its wrong. And for that to happen it means that the potential terrorist feel for you. A friend, not a foe. We are all so very vulnerable here in Europe and the US. The only thing stopping complete chaos is our moral. It is wrong to kill anyone. PERIOD. It's WRONG. The moment you feel it's right to kill someone, then YOU are on the wrong side.

  • Alana Bowker 5 years ago

    Yea, the people of France are so much more important than the people of
    Syria. White solidarity.

  • Briony 5 years ago

    I love this response by Stephen Colbert. I’m glad there is anger and
    repulsion and heartache around the Western world for what happened in
    Paris. But the problem is we’ve seen this all before, and we’ve seen this
    response before. We can be very emotional for a few weeks, we say we stand
    for liberty and our way of life, we’ll raise the flag of whatever country
    was targeted this time, and sing their national anthem, but when it comes
    to real action we become cowards. How many media outlets in the West
    reprinted the Charlie Hebdo cartoons? They said we stood for free speech,
    but they imposed blasphemy laws on Western society in response to that
    atrocity. We marched in the streets, we cried and said Je Suis Charlie, but
    we were only acting, to make us feel like we were being courageous. Nobody
    was Charlie because only a small minority has the courage to stand up for
    free speech in the West. And when the cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo had
    not even been laid in the ground yet, the Western media called them
    racists. Before the bodies from this latest atrocity had even been
    identified, there were many in the left wing press saying that this is our
    fault, as if we’d brought it on ourselves merely by existing and being
    free. It’s an abomination. We have no courage to stand up for our human
    rights. And not just the courage to stand up against Islamists, but the
    courage to stand up against those in our own society that will say you’re
    racist and that you deserve to die because a barbaric religion from the
    desert says so. We’re watching our civilisation fall apart like the Romans,
    we don’t do anything to defend it.

  • Isexwayiso 5 years ago

    This is truly awful yet similar cases happen in African at much higher
    frequency yet we do not light up our monument with those countries flags

  • Justin Lafser 5 years ago

    1:20 It should be against the law for the FCC to be censoring that in this

  • Peter! 5 years ago

    i thought french fries came from belgium?

  • Master Markus 5 years ago

    I can’t help but feel kind of “Eh, whatever” to all this, since I’m
    guessing it’s going to become another “Let’s feel bad about this thing, but
    we can’t really do anything about it” scenario.

  • Charlie P 5 years ago

    Merci! Just to clear up a misconception, fries are not actually French,
    they’re Belgian. The Wikipedia page for French fries states there’s a big
    contentious between France and Belgium about who created them first, but
    that’s just false. Any french people would associate “frites” with Belgium.
    Only in Nothern America are they called French fries.

  • Mastermime4 5 years ago

    I’m a French guy studying in London when I heard the terrorist attack was
    currently happening I was with my English girlfriend. I first made sure my
    friends and family were safe and afterwards I admit I watched ratatouille
    with my girlfriend who never seen it. The reason is I didn’t want to feel
    same fear and anxiety I had felt during the terrorist attack at Charlie
    hebdo ( which I’ve always been fan) and the kosher market ( which is the
    one my dad use to by kosher for are more religious friends).

  • SirRichieSan 5 years ago

    Thanks for making me laugh Stephen, all my love from Paris !

  • Maylis E. 5 years ago

    1:19 offers ISIS what ?

  • trevor henley 5 years ago


  • Alice Lenesley 5 years ago

    Oh, merci merci beaucoup Stephen Colbert ! Thanks from Paris, that’s cute
    🙂 Yes, yes, of course, all the american comments say ” Oh when French are
    killed its a tragedy, poor French … ” How could you say that ? I live in
    Paris, and now Im afraid when I go in the tube, Im afraid when I go in a
    bar, Im afraid if I go to a concert … ” That’s a new situation for all of
    us here in Paris. Ok, that’s true that they know this situation in Middle
    east, that’s true that they knew this situation in north Ireland … and ??
    Does it mean that we all have to know, to feel this situation all around
    the world ? Does it means that people in middle east are not important ? Of
    course, NO ! Every single life on this earth is important. Every day, when
    I go to work, I walk near the Bataclan, where there is candles and flowers,
    every body cry there every evening. One of the terrorist let his car not
    far from when I live, so yes, now Im afraid, so please, stop your stupid
    simple cynism. Thank you.

  • SAM SMITH 5 years ago

    Hey Colbert….you are a souless human being. To use j the horrific events
    in Paris as a springboard for your ridiculous humor shows me that you don’t
    deserve the pulpit so many thought you did.
    I’m betting David Letterman is shaking his head concerning your monologue.
    Disgusted. Grow up and get a Heart with a real personality….not the fake
    one you display….badly on a nightly basis.

  • Andrew Cowell 5 years ago

    10/10 on the laughter scale!!

  • Evelina999 5 years ago

    Terrorists killed 2000 innocent civilians in Nigeria this year. Not a
    single fuck was given. No stupid Facebook filters, no trending hashtags and
    it wasn’t all over the news, it just got a mention. All lives matter, but
    apparently some matter more…

  • haikine Natacha 5 years ago

    Thanks for the laugh Stephen 🙂 Love from Paris <3.

  • Adhi N 5 years ago

    Ratatouille is the cherry on top of pixar animations

  • Hector Matute 5 years ago

    a bunch o pussies… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!! (insert video
    of the guys cheering and the “so what?” expression guy)

  • Wilfried Andral (Hoffmann) 5 years ago

    Merci Stephen ! I’m French and, as your buddy John Oliver from HBO’s Last
    Week Tonight, I say thank you for your support with smile and laughs.
    #PrayForParis :)

  • Field Marshal Fry 5 years ago


  • ANNA ROSE 5 years ago

    Merci beaucoup Stephen de nous faire rire dans ces moments difficiles!!

  • CmdrSloanne 5 years ago

    Al for One, and One For All. The Musketeers & French Foreign Legion are
    going to wipe the floor with Isis or Isil & whoever messes once more with
    the French.

  • Mohammed Al-Kooheji 5 years ago

    I automatically started applauding when I heard that last line, holy crap

  • Sebastian Greiner 5 years ago

    French Fries are from Belgium! God damn it!

    I feel offended, because I’m a random guy on the internet.
    … it’s true though

  • Clément Bonnisseur de la Bath 5 years ago

    Merci Stephen, ça fait beaucoup de bien :)

  • Test Mobile 5 years ago


  • ElPatar 5 years ago

    Do not underestimate the courage of the French , they were the first to
    discover that the snails were edible.

    Thank you for all your support. I was in Paris that night, I heard the
    bullets. Now the only thing I want to hear is the sound of joy, laugh and
    peace. From France, with love.

  • BeepDerpify 5 years ago

    Aren’t french fries from belgium?

  • BeepDerpify 5 years ago

    Aren’t french fries from belgium?

  • Cyberphobe 5 years ago

    As of this comment there are 16 ISIS supporting pussies.

  • oadaoada 5 years ago

    Half the continent?

  • strangerineven 5 years ago

    Merci Stephen. Merci beaucoup. You cheer us up at a time we need this. But
    let’s not forget that we aren’t the only ones murdered by those cowards. We
    stand for a better world, free from this madness.

  • Horrible Audio/Video Entertainment 5 years ago

    pure gold.

  • IXM360 5 years ago

    Stephen Colbrilliant

  • KILL ALL THUGS 5 years ago

    You support the people who put policies in place that allow these sorts of
    things to happen, then you say you support the victims that were shot to
    death? You change your Facebook profile photo to a French flag? Do you even
    believe they were shot to death? I mean, it was a ‘no gun’ zone, after all.
    How could they even get guns into a ‘no gun’ zone? Evidently there must
    have been some ‘gun show loophole’.. Was it also not a ‘suicide bomb
    vest-free’ zone? Evidently not..

    Keep supporting the inability of people to defend themselves. Keep
    encouraging violent, delinquent Muslims to flood Europe. Without *our blood*
    media parasites like Stephen Colbert would starve, and that would be a *real

  • Greg Krsak 5 years ago

    Agreed. But I think the better message is to be aware of the good and the
    bad in the world, and don’t let your awareness be manipulated by — or only
    supplied by — the media.

  • Christopher Pam 5 years ago

    ….. the sentiment is good… but French Fries are actually Belgian…

  • lolyermad 5 years ago

    Lol tell em Steven.

  • BingeSeries 5 years ago

    I’m French, from Paris. Thank you so much, you made me laugh, and it’s so
    important to laugh right now. Thanks <3

  • TheKokolas 5 years ago

    “ErrrrMahhGeeed why doesnt the media report civilian deaths inside of
    warzones?!?!? Why do they only report on terrorist attacks that happen on
    peacefull countries and not on attacks that happen once a month inside of
    warzones?!?!”- Morons

  • Celine Besson 5 years ago


  • TheKokolas 5 years ago

    If you all care so much about the poor impoverished people of thirld world
    shitholes then get off youtube, stop acting like youre Gandhi and Mother
    Teresa, and go fucking volunteer for the red cross. Go sleep in tents and
    eat shitty food and try to convince hopeless uneducated peasants that they
    shouldnt kill each other based on tribal warfare.

  • ImmaLetUFinish 5 years ago

    Rip in pepperonis jihadi John

  • LE REDDIT COMMANDER 5 years ago

    Stupid liberals, why dont you tell me why isis doesnt attack brazil, japan,
    mexico, argentina, south africa? You need to ask who is the real terrorist,
    or if both sides are the fucking terrorists, because this shit doesnt
    happen at random. Fuck the USA.


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