We Predicted Every Insane, Criminal Step Down Nutball Treason Highway To January 6th

Published on September 13, 2022

Let’s take a look back at the lead up to January 6th, and humbly remind ourselves what we were totally right about all along. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Gelapeno 7 months ago

    2023 needs to be a year for Jan 6 persecution. Send them to jail, or kick them out of the fucking country. As far as other Americans are concerned, these people are not one of us.

  • Travis Keith 7 months ago

    Jan 6 was were 4 Trump supporters got killed and no one else did. Was the last legal date
    to protest the election and was more peaceful then most BLM protest despite the FBI dressed up like Trumpers promoting violence. So shut the -uck up. Trump condemned White supremacy more times then you but the news cuts that part from the speech.

  • Robert Demos 7 months ago

    Hilarious !!

  • Tracey Gibson 7 months ago

    It’s been 2 years and he still refused to concede.

  • Mr. Brewer 7 months ago

    Quick question, if Jan 6th was “treason” following the red velvet roped off walkways, what was CHAZ/CHAD that had rapes, more deaths, declared their own country, assaulted people who crossed “their border” who they thought “looked” like people opposing them, oh and burned down a government building? The answer is Treason, and any one who posted in support of them on social media at the time is guilty of supporting treason….see how crazy you (the left) sound like to everyone else? lol And no i didn’t vote for trump, orange man mean, what else ya got? lol

  • Consequator 7 months ago

    Did they get predicted or did you give them ideas

  • Maximus Sampson 7 months ago

    Almost 600k Views, 19k uplikes, I bet the downvotes are over 100k, fragile liberals had to censor this information because the majority know this is just mainstream propaganda

  • VOID Dragon 420 7 months ago

    I bet half the people that go to Trump’s rallies aren’t even registered to vote. They did find that a good amount of the Insurrection it’s arrested weren’t registered to vote at all.

  • L D 7 months ago

    I said it a million times ….. how does a comedy show speak more clearly than any other news program …ps…… lascivious profesor ….. sad truth

  • Michael 7 months ago

    Greg Gutfeld kicked your ass in the ratings because of your sick Trump obsession, educate yourself and your sheep before its too late

  • Debbie Daniele Photography 7 months ago

    What a crazy time. That brings back so many really uneasy feelings as things happened live. Glad we’re past all that, but cautious about the next couple years. Trump is a very dangerous man.

  • HighStimulation 7 months ago

    I’m pretty disappointed that this happened in this country. They said this country was “exceptional.” not at all true.

  • Sharon Smith 7 months ago

    I highly recommend House on Fire by Congressman David Cicilline! He gives a great account of the mess of Trump

  • Julie Rice 7 months ago

    Putin chose well. His phoney dictator did more damage to America then 40 years of the cold war

  • William Tendo 7 months ago

    What does impeachment really mean? Is it just different in American English? Trump was impeached twice and can stand again for the presidency.. Someone please help explain it to me that apparently resides in a “3rd world” country like Uganda 🇺🇬🤔.. Thanks.

  • Orion Fhang 7 months ago

    Good grief aren’t we tired of this guy yet? I mean for crying out loud he’s cavorting with wannabe nazis and hording national secrets in his basement. Either throw him in jail or lock him away in a nuthouse and be done with it already. Geeze..,

  • snoopyzero1 7 months ago

    I’ll be glad when DJT has passed, then we can celebrate 🥂🎊

  • Amber Zec 7 months ago

    What the heck is goin on this wk, no episode yesterday and this mostly recycled stuff/2 colbert questionnaire s..? Weird there was no real show 😕

  • gurubhai khalsa 7 months ago

    Frigging amazing 👍


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