“We Need To Have A Little Courage To Save This Democracy” – Joy-Ann Reid

Published on February 7, 2024

Author and political analyst Joy-Ann Reid tells Stephen about the courage of civil rights icon Medgar Evers, and argues that Americans need to channel some of that same courage as our democracy is challenged in 2024. The book, “Medgar and Myrlie: Medgar Evers and the Love Story That Awakened America,” is available now and you can catch Joy-Ann Reid hosting “The ReidOut” on MSNBC.

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  • @leagarner3675 2 months ago

    Joy’s message that you build your strength from caring is so true.

  • @karezaalonso7110 2 months ago

    The real Stephen Colbert was brave and with incisive wit, he asked the Saudis to “Please enjoy our daughters responsibly.” This Stephen Colbert is a gutless coward to afraid to ask any real questions, including about the Genocide in Palestine.

  • @Jennifer_Laz 2 months ago

    With Joy, we get verified and informed truth based on facts. From Trump, we’re fed propaganda and lies meant to further divide an already fractured country. Today, it’s easy to choose which team to join.

  • @mikecacioppo5639 2 months ago

    Joy Reed, thank you for your conviction to honesty integrity and being a true American.

  • @rw9207 2 months ago

    Don’t get me wrong, I know race is a important issue and I’m all for clival right policies.. But it would be lovely to once have a black guest on a talk show, that doesn’t bring up the subject of “racism” and talked about other things for an entire interview,… just once, to know it’s possible.

  • @carleenmulloy481 2 months ago

    Thanks Stephen for History medgar every🙏⚖️

  • @pro-gamer7391 2 months ago

    You don’t save democracy by cancelling primaries, removing candidates from ballots, coronating a candidate, refusing to debate, and rigging the primary process.

    I of course am referring to what Biden and the DNC are doing.

  • @humbledriver2536 2 months ago


    I’ve read about Freedom it don’t compare to the life I dream about. People fighting a fight for the color of the flag. I fight for the right to be heard not bound not gagged.

    Promises and beliefs from unfamiliar faces; Actions and words in their familiar places.
    I’m asked to stand next to you in a war for morality. I ask you to stand with me in my fight for Humanity.

    They want to put guns in our hands to fight in another man’s land while we struggling in a fight at home we don’t understand.

    Freedom? Free at last? Please slow down, not so fast. We getting shot front and back at traffic stops not doing crack. Yeah we struggling in a fight at home cause we’re Black.

    So here we go all over again day in and day out wondering when our live’s going to end it makes you want to stand and Shout, “We love just like you do. We have families same as you!” Black Lives Matter.

    When I was little my mom said wake up it’s a brand new day. I said moms have you been outside it’s not safe to play.

    I wake up each day with insecurity and a wet blanket. Dreamin nightmares of freedom is how I would rank it.

    She’d say go to school. Make something of yourself. Get an education. I’d say I do my learning on the streets with trepidation.
    We aspire to be heard although our voices may be moot. Being ignored until it’s quota time. Bang! Bang! Stop or I’ll shoot.

    We live our lives in a land of hostility. Avoiding being on the 5 o’clock news is our reality.
    So while they keep saying you’re free at last, you’re free at last, thank God Almighty you’re free at last. We’ll keep our representation of freedom with each other and our belief in unity with our brother.

    So here we go all over again day in and day out wondering when our live’s going to end it makes you want to stand and Shout, “We love just like you do. We have families same as you!”
    Black Lives Matter.
    You and I Matter.
    We All Matter.

    By Humble Driver

  • @prodigymr9496 2 months ago

    Joy you’re awesome, Alcorn State is so proud of you and the Evers story.

  • @RC-ei5xi 2 months ago

    “A republic, if you can keep it”
    – Benjamin Franklin

  • @walterjacksn1466 2 months ago

    And this is still Amerikkka!!!

  • @user-sx6yb1wn1t 2 months ago

    Thank you for a lovely show.❤

  • @davidjames2083 2 months ago

    Joy-Ann Reid should run for US President! It would make America’s allies like us over here in England feel so much safer if SHE was in the White House!👍😎🇬🇧♥☕🥃

  • @chrystalweaver618 2 months ago

    This song says it all!


  • @itspersonal3351 2 months ago

    Joy lookin GREAT! Lovely interview 🙏🏽

  • @silverhooligan1256 2 months ago

    Joy is fabulous! Love her show

  • @toonlyrics 2 months ago

    Medgar Evers’ legacy is more relevant than ever. Two good spirits, great interview.

  • @davidjames2083 2 months ago

    Joy is 💯 percent right, Medger Evers did not have a hand in the assassination of JFK, Ted Cruz’s father Rafael did — that’s why years later in a Motel 6, Ted paid Lauren Boebert $50 bucks to get up-close-and-personal with Boebert’s 17 year old grassy knoll — there had been thick grass growing on it since she was 12 💰 💃🤢🤮

  • @israelcm7246 2 months ago

    Wow Joy nicely said. 👏 👏 👏 👏

  • @kykeit1181 2 months ago

    “courage” ? WE, as like a people, need that? Oh shit…big yikes I think


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