We Aren’t The Only Ones Paranoid About Election Day, Trump Is So Superstitious He’s Re-enacting 2…

Published on October 31, 2020

As Biden supporters hold their collective breath heading into the weekend before Election Day, President Trump is retracing his final steps from the 2016 campaign, hoping that lightning can strike twice in four years. #Colbert #Monologue #LSSC

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  • sepiae 2 years ago

    06:13 Oh my deity, we’re all going crazy…

  • Charles Goh 2 years ago

    Superstition! My advice to those who wish to avoid bad luck is DON’T DO EVIL.
    To do good is to vote for Trump coz Trump is against abortion.
    To do evil is to vote Joe Biden coz he is pro-abortion.
    Abortion in simple terms is innocent & defenceless babies killing. Abortion is the work of Lucifer the Satan. So please DON’T DO EVIL. VOTE TRUMP TO STOP ABORTIONS.

  • Elizabeth White 2 years ago

    “Man falls into rat hole” is just a wee bit too on the 2020 nose. C’mon, Jack, make it stop! Please!

  • Matthew Dobbs 2 years ago

    Hilarious Stephen! Trump needs to go and his family with him.

  • Juan Campanur 2 years ago

    He try’s so hard to be funny nothing is funny

  • Daniel Glass 2 years ago

    Catch a third grave

  • Ilya de Pagewood 2 years ago

    CNN is America’s no1 source for days of the week
    Sesame Street would respectfully disagree

  • Noel Ryan 2 years ago

    POTUS-45 DONnie is really a Dominatrix named DONimatrix, who loves whipping up a crowd, who in turn love being whipped up! For College Educated, Idealistic People of the 1960’s like myself, these Trump KKKlan Rallies are morally and politically offensive. Sadly, he is aided and abetted by his GOP (G.ood O.ldboys P.arty) in dragging America back to the Deep South Confederate 1860’s. That’s progress?

  • old grey cat 2 years ago

    Rat geyser. Thank you. One to join the Australian Dropbears. 🙂

  • Trish Latham 2 years ago

    A particularly witty opening monologue this afternoon (I’m in Australia) I reckon. Far away applause to the writers.

  • Tyler P 2 years ago

    Cringe 😬

  • Xlegacy Zero 2 years ago

    Why the Fk should anyone care what Don Jr. says?

  • khuti007 2 years ago

    Steve, are you sure rats are better than…well almost everything…Ive got this gnawing feeling inside, its not as good as you think?

  • Chris Eddy 2 years ago

    Wow – Poor Old Joe ……how does he stay awake ….?? Such Low Energy …… how could you rely on this guy to lead the Free World…??

  • Derguz 2 years ago

    tbf if a monkey can pick a coconut, how is that different from a cow producing milk?

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan 2 years ago

    6:22 – I’m glad to see Patton Oswalt is still working.

  • Jimmy Wang 2 years ago

    Colbert is emblematic of many of the left’s mentality. Smart, funny but a little too smug with their own intellectual / moral superiority that they fail to see most reasonable people see them as turds.

  • Marlo York Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Ang Idolo kailangan ng bulag na mananamba upang mabuhay. Ang pinuno kailangan lamang magtanim ng kamalayan upang makita ng tao ang kanilang taglay na kalakasan. (An Idol needs its followers to survive. A Leader only needs to enlighten the people to make them see their innate strength.) – Manuel Bernal.

    Trump is an Idol not a Leader.

  • Dene O'Neill 2 years ago

    please make that poster available to download, or buy!


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