Ways to Help: Support Black-Owned Businesses

Published on June 4, 2020

As Americans come together in the wake of George Floyd’s death, James Corden is looking to share ways all people can help create change and support the black community, including things as simple as stop calling police for no reason and supporting black-owned businesses.

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  • J T 1 month ago

    I’d vote for him

  • Lucy Sawyer 1 month ago

    Your such a good man James. Keep doing what you are doing ❤️

  • QuadriplegicLife 1 month ago

    Dear friends I’m a quadriplegic and I’m here to help you get better and feel better! My videos will show you that we are all equal and this is our time to shine!!!! PLEASE CONSIDER CHECKING OUT MY CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBING!!!!

  • Zentoro 1 month ago

    Lol are u joking sorry but what about all the businesses that got looted and destroyed help those first

  • James Smith 1 month ago

    It sounds good, until you understand why so many businesses have left black areas, and why many won’t open up in the first place. The theft and destruction. This isn’t the first time riots have destroyed many businesses. It goes back to the 60s, and has happened many times over.

    If I support business, it will be ones that needlessly got ransacked, and they are trying to stay open. That is if I make an effort to. I probably won’t, and will continue to shop where I do, since I don’t want to drive 30 minutes, and will continue to use Amazon.

    For the black owners of business in areas that get ransacked and preyed upon, I wish you luck and do know a good solution for you. Maybe move.

  • Joseph Clark 1 month ago

    Mr. Corden iz the bestest ever ya’ll!! Let’s give him sum nice emojis to show we care!! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA’LL! ! ♧÷♧

  • Jenita Mauree 1 month ago

    Love it !!! Keep it up James !! #blacklivesmatters ✊🏽

  • Hannah Smith 1 month ago

    James Corden is offering more leadership and comfort to the situation than our president.

  • bryan low 1 month ago

    Respect!! Love James

  • Liv Biv 1 month ago

    I have so much respect for James Corden.

  • Ashlelycious Binibini 1 month ago

    You melted my heart😊♥️

  • Daniela Guxman 1 month ago


  • Gabi Zimmermann 1 month ago

    very Sad…today in my City Vienna will be a big Demonstration “Gedenken George Floyd – Black Lives Matter”

  • Elizabeth Castrejon 1 month ago

    Papa mochi is truly out here doing the right stuff🤗

  • Tom Ripley 1 month ago

    I will support the businesses ruined by these opportunistic locusts, that’s if they ever get back off the ground, and I will call the police on whomever I please but particularly if they are from a group overwhelmingly represented in ALL areas of criminal activity.

    First Ellen and now this heart attack bleating from his ivory tower. You only have to look at the statistics and footage from the last week to realise what we’re dealing with. We see with our own eyes the greed and destruction yet we’re supposed to swallow this victim narrative.

    Sorry, Rocky Road. I judge a situation by demonstrable fact and not what is fed to me by race grifters and the lying MSM

  • Anita Williams 1 month ago

    The 2nd one I did Donate 500 Dollars

  • MakaveliThaSavage 1 month ago

    So why’re the rioters looting and destroying black owned businesses?

  • Pio Such 1 month ago

    we do not have to help him, but we must treat them as we should treat every human being..Thats only way to fight rasizm

  • laith skye 1 month ago

    Best way to help black owned businesses educate white and black children the western world evolved from wealth stolen from africa since the Roman times


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