Watch Game of Thrones with Your Kids!

Published on May 18, 2019

‘Game of Thrones’ is such a big show that even Jimmy’s four-year-old daughter knows about it. She asked Jimmy’s wife Molly about the dragons and they had to tell her it is too scary for her to watch. That’s part of the problem. The show comes on at 6 pm here on the West Coast and Jimmy’s kids don’t go to sleep until 7pm and 8pm so they have to wait to watch. Jimmy doesn’t want to wait though, he wants to see it at the same time as everyone else. So luckily someone was brilliant enough to come up with this great idea.

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  • ANANNA NIGAR 4 months ago

    Everyone knows who will sit on the iron throne its podrick…..

  • Aniruddha Chakravarty 4 months ago

    More like ‘Watch GoT with the 13th Doctor.’

  • Erf 4 months ago

    At this point pj masks is better than game of thrones

  • James 4 months ago

    If you think I’m gonna go against a wizard and help you out, think again.

  • ironmike 4 months ago

    I have a petition to have Game of Thrones season seven and eight to be re-written by the fans of John Wick 3.  Apparently, the fans of John Wick 3 are very happy.  They think John Wick 3 is the next Forrest Gump.  Tell you what, let’s have the fans of John Wick 3 re-write season seven and eight of game of Thrones.

  • Raka Nata Kusuma 4 months ago

    I need it to filter the bad story from last season..

  • Sam Woo 4 months ago

    my kid will ask me why the plot doesn’t make any sense and I don’t know what to tell her

  • Moxie Animations 4 months ago

    This Kimmel guy has too much free time in his life.

  • JJ W 4 months ago

    Great idea for teaching your kid the wrong way to make rainbows.

  • alpha gamer 4 months ago

    Dohario Naharis will sit on iron throne

  • Connie Hattendorf 4 months ago

    Ok can someone really make something like that please?… Tired of watching Supernatural and the Walking Dead on my phone in the garage so my 9 and 3 year olds don’t see what I’m watching!…

  • Arturia 4 months ago

    Talk shows all ignoring the fact how terrible the season is and everybodys backlash

  • Berto Andon 4 months ago

    I loved her in the beginning but I think Daenerys isn’t gonna make it five minutes on the throne before Arya slits her throat

  • Iyam Sam 4 months ago

    Incest and the gross sex scenes..

  • Sarah Hansen 4 months ago

    To the person who uploads Jimmy Kimmels videos to YouTube:
    Is there any way you can fix the sound volume issue on future JK videos? JK videos always has the volume a tad lower than any other video.
    So whenever we for example watch random videos on Apple TV, we have to turn up the volume when passing a JK video, and then turn down the volume again when the next non-jimmy video starts.

    Sometimes, we have turned the volume up, and the next video is one of those mega bass meme crazy videos, where you get complaints from the entire neighborhood.

  • New Message 4 months ago

    “Mommy? What’s incest, and why is Caillou doing that to Dora?”
    “Oh, look… Paw Patrol is on Nickelodeon!”

  • Rachel Dalton 4 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel just subtly stuck up for his boys D&D by saying “calm down about Game of Thrones”. That’s a ride or die.

  • Poyraz 4 months ago

    Worst season ever I stopped after episode 3 and don’t think to watch

  • piby 180 4 months ago

    you think kids are stupid?


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