Warriors Fans Betray Their Team

Published on June 9, 2018

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers have now met in the NBA Finals for four straight years. Fans of both teams are very loyal, so we decided to put that loyalty to the test. We went to Oakland to talk to Warriors fans and to ask if they wouldn’t mind putting on a Cavaliers jersey and pretend to support them in order to save the camera crew a trip to Ohio.


  • LYRICAL 12 1 week ago


    Bandwagons ✅

  • Johnny Valencia 1 week ago

    Not for nothing people say the Warriors aka Biggest bandwagons in basketball history have the worst fans ever. Here’s the proof…

  • Javier Solano 1 week ago

    1:50 Love her

  • Jay Kay 1 week ago

    I have No idea what is happening here! 😨

  • Stephen Scalabrine 1 week ago

    cavs fans calling warriors fans bandwagons is super ironic…

  • حمزة جروزني 1 week ago

    I dont know anything about sports, but can someone tell me what team I should wear if I wana piss off people in Florida?

  • New Message 1 week ago

    This is why they invented the electric chair.

  • john Baldock 1 week ago

    This is Trump all over!!

  • Mr.james13 1 week ago

    1:45 wtf was that yelling in the background 😂

  • Miles Law 1 week ago

    Surprise no one say they like JR

  • Steve Gao 1 week ago

    They are bandwagons, but at least they are the entertaining bandwagon. Thank those fans put on the Cavs jersey to make me laugh. In the end of the day, sports fans should have fun together, not a war


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