Warren Surges as Democrats Focus on Trump’s Corruption: A Closer Look

Published on September 18, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at Democrats debating whether to move forward with impeachment as President Trump awaits orders from Saudi Arabia.

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  • Andy Liu 2 years ago

    OMFG “The problems didn’t start with Donald Trump.” Warren is fucking on point.

  • NPC 7777777777777777777 2 years ago

    Warren surges as Creepy Uncle Joe falls to pieces

  • Cosmic Ninja 2 years ago


  • Scott Meintjes 2 years ago

    Is he saying “pundints?”

  • Blackfalk 2 years ago

    WTF Warren took selfies??? ok then if she runs against Trump she’s doomed (Clinton also took selfies & turned her whole campaign into a vanity project. vanity works for Trump but doesn’t work well for women)
    apparently the Dems never learn

  • Kyle 2 years ago

    Hating on the horseshoe configuration is an odd choice, didn’t he sit at one all the time on Snl?

  • michael sinard 2 years ago

    Don’t be so corny, Seth. Russian crime leaders also bought property from Chump and you didn’t mention money laundering. A closer look at Corruption. Put the Chump in the penitentiary away from his money and he will unravel.

  • Alan Choi Chang 2 years ago

    IS THERE NO GOOD INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE, like, EVER??!?!?!? BOTH OF THE PARTIES FUCKING SUCK!!! and people who vote solely based on party should get fucking smacked. they no longer truly give a damn about the people, they only want to stay in power.

    on another completely different topic:
    being “pro-choice” doesnt mean you are “pro-abortion”, it just means you support the idea that “people get to choose”. at the same time, being “anti-abortion” doesnt mean you are “pro-life”. in my opinion, only vegans get to be ‘pro-life’. it is ok to be “anti-abortion”, that is your freedom, simply dont get an abortion; but if you start to infringe upon others right to choose, then you come off as kind of a dick.

  • Sally Bowles 2 years ago

    in 2016 she d have been strangled by Hillary and the mainstream – now, instead…

  • David Edwards 2 years ago

    Elizabeth just had to wait until she was old enough.
    Apparently you have to be past the age of retirement to run for the presidency.

  • James Miner 2 years ago

    Warren is the real deal. She’s got what it takes.

  • Becka Miller 2 years ago

    Warren used race to gain votes! It is ridiculous to play that fact down. I could never vote for someone who has zero core value and must lie about her heritage to win.

  • InHumano XY 2 years ago


  • Null_Mage 2 years ago

    Bernie 2020

  • Alex Sears 2 years ago

    Did he really just show a vid of his son roasting trump??? ???

    Bruh I died ☠️☠️

  • Cass Zives 2 years ago

    Warren may well have missed her moment. Trump is a total ass but even a clock is right twice a day. By not running in 2016. Warren showed cowardice and caving to the pressure of the DNC who clearly dictated that every Super-delegate stand with Hillary from day one.They dictated that every Senator and Congressmen stand down for Hillary… and she lost. Warren will lose too. She doesn’t have the guts or credibility to defeat Trump. Warren is positioning herself as Bernie-Lite but the most popular politician the USA is Bernie Sanders. If Warren get;s the nomination, and loses as Hillary did we still get Trump. Stand with Bernie to defeat Trump.

  • Ali Reyes 2 years ago

    I’m voting for Trump. Used to be a dem who voted for Hillary. I’m glad she didn’t win. Trump 2020

  • Karen Kelly 2 years ago

    Oh don’t forget his hair falling off!!

  • Just Me 2 years ago

    Hillary Clinton made certain that everybody except Hillary Clinton “missed” that particular moment.


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