Warren and Trump’s Dueling Campaign Rallies | The Daily Show

Published on September 17, 2019

During dueling campaign rallies, Elizabeth Warren discusses a wealth tax and takes selfies with supporters, while Donald Trump holds a typically meandering and vitriolic rally.



  • AI Totem 1 year ago

    Trump doesn’t realize what happened with the Spanish. Of course many Hispanics look white.

  • Cuda Danger Baird 1 year ago

    “Cars have so much extra junk on them, i want to make them heavier”… wtf does that mean?

  • aaron jones 1 year ago

    I hate her vocie

  • Jacob Rodriguez 1 year ago

    I’m Hispanic and lots of people say I don’t look Hispanic. But I know there’s no bad intentions behind it. So is it… not ok to make a simple observation?

  • Paris Sitochi 1 year ago

    Cancer or Hispanics???..Trevor, give the guy a break

  • Michael Dunson 1 year ago

    Can anyone explain to me why the people in the crowd cheered when he bragged about doing away with the estate tax? The only way that it would make sense is if they all multi-millionaires.

  • VashXTrigun 1 year ago

    I don’t understand why Latino people would support Trump, after all he has said and done?

  • yesloow 1 year ago

    None of these people cheering for the estate tax abolishment are people who would have been subject to it. Why are they cheering? It’s incredible how much support that policy gets. Might as well say “I gave billions of dollars to people who have blue eyes, are named Thadeus, and who went to Trinity College!!!” (crowd cheers).

  • Marsha Ann 1 year ago

    Oh man no one told me about this. I wud have passed by there!!

  • Christopher Imperiale 1 year ago

    How the fuck did I support this guy in the beginning…?

  • Zabro Zeiro 1 year ago


  • Iluthra 1 year ago

    Cortes defended trump’s idiot remarks.

  • RASHTG 1 year ago

    2 cents… 2 cents. 50 cents left the room.

  • Cool Mist 1 year ago

    Is the agenda you selling now, Elizabeth Warren over Biden and Bernie? Trump is clearly still here.

  • Shawn 1 year ago

    conservatives are the dumbest most racist fucks…fuck them all

  • olubusola akinpelu 1 year ago

    Cringeeeee! Lord have mercy ??‍♀️

  • Inazarab 1 year ago

    Warren 2020!

  • Tkdanso 1 year ago

    The Latinos behind him should be ashamed of themselves. They’re bunch of fool. I really confused when I see minorities supporting this guy. He made it clear he don’t like nothing but white peoples.

  • 5%LowBattery 1 year ago

    The Elizabeth Warren coverage was boring. But Look how much comic clips you get out of tRump’s speech. Admit it, comedians wouldn’t mind another 4 years of him. tRump is bad for the country, but great for the all media.

  • Ralph Jean 1 year ago

    Their sisters’ hot though lol


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