Warnock Beats Walker In Georgia Runoff & China Ends Strict Zero-Covid Policy | The Daily Show

Published on December 7, 2022

Raphael Warnock wins the Georgia Senate runoff, Zelenskyy earns Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, China retracts its zero-covid policies, Apple Music launches karaoke mode, German authorities arrest 25 QAnon followers for plotting to overthrow the government, and a woman sues TGIF because her mozzarella sticks contained no mozzarella. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah




  • Bobbi Fizzer 4 months ago

    🤣best Dulce skit ever

  • Shafiya Algiquadra 4 months ago

    What is messed up is you only reporting on stringent lockdowns when the people have endured mass suffering for so long. You didn’t know about it?

  • Victor Barugahare 4 months ago

    She doesn’t need to worry. Mr Walker will be at his permanent residence in TX.

  • Thomas Moeller 4 months ago

    No Lotto results, no traffic reports, no stock results and best of all, no Ronnie Chieng.
    We need more Jordan and Roy. You know, for the people.

  • Marvin 4 months ago

    MLK lol, imma miss ol Trevor.
    Dulce Sloan lol

  • ziqi92 4 months ago

    Idiots in the US who think our lockdowns stateside are even remotely similar to China’s make a great case for why we need abortion rights.

  • Maroo46 4 months ago

    Look another paid shill thats not funny from the Democrats

  • Tina Craddock 4 months ago

    Gonna miss you Trevor pray that everything you attempt brings you joy and prosperity. Keep making the world smile.

  • nunyabiznez6666 4 months ago

    You know that woman is gonna get SOME sort of settlement…I..

    I’ve thought this before, when all these ridiculous, yet still legally applicable, lawsuits get media attention…….I just need to find something claiming what it’s not LOL

    HEY! That’s America! 🎉 🥳

  • Sarthak K. C. 4 months ago

    We will miss you Trevor 🙁 love you and thank you for your comedy

  • Julie Daggett 4 months ago

    I’d have been like when the mean girl wins prom queen in “She’s All That.” Thank you to those of you who voted for me, for the rest of you . . .

  • kama nama 4 months ago


  • DREAMRestore 4 months ago

    Dulce is the WORST….
    NEVER been funny never will be.

  • Rene 4 months ago

    I really don’t know why Chinese people realized a bit late that they are 1.4 billion and only a handful is controlling them,
    pretty sure china government got the message right away when they saw 1/.03 protesting, imagine several million, who can handle that?

  • kama nama 4 months ago

    I’m proud to say I helped get Warnock elected!

  • Shelby Repaci 4 months ago

    The real plot twist is Hershel Walker is the father of Stacy’s baby

  • TLC CURRY 4 months ago

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾THE PEOPLE HAS SPOKEN!!!!

  • Dregon28 4 months ago

    Thanks for the laughs Trevor Noah.
    Enjoy your life Man. Catch you on your comedy specials.

  • Montrae Davis 4 months ago

    Congratulations Warnock!! Historic win! Trevor you are hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Mr. Listener 4 months ago

    I love Trevor’s effort, but jokes about crashing planes are never funny, in my opinion.


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