War General lauds Miami Beach Police’s ability to make things worse

Published on March 23, 2021

War General gives the Miami Beach police a morale-boosting speech on how they will be remembered for their ability to make things a million times worse.

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Clip air date 3/23/2021

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  • Razorgirl 3 years ago

    The sooner Police stop CosPlaying being in a war zone the better.

  • liter fluid 3 years ago

    Do this types of Bullsht to black people but why not go to where the white people are. ON THE BEACH!!!!!!! I bet that the white people are out on the beach.

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan 3 years ago

    This looks like a job for Florida Man!

  • Moe Tarded 3 years ago

    War on fun….If I can’t then no one can!

  • Vincent 3 years ago

    You are just never happy. Never

  • RIXRADvidz 3 years ago

    Entitled Brats that have never been told ”NO” they think they are owed everything because their mommy and daddy told them they are special and entitled. We’re already seeing the effects of ”No Losers” in the 90’s. Everybody thinks they have to be famous to be successful, well Life is going to hand out some terrible lessons. it always does.

  • Pronto 3 years ago

    I really don’t get FL. Isn’t the state ‘open’ covid-wise? Don’t they depend on tourism? Didn’t they effectively invite the spring-breakers there? Don’t they believe that the virus is a hoax and/or doesn’t affect younger people? Adding FL to my list of “if I ever go to that state again, it will be too soon”.

  • Sophie Peraaud 3 years ago


  • mary jones 3 years ago

    on point! bravo lssc fam!

  • Jeezum Crow 3 years ago

    Spring Breakers are definitely a problem.

  • Emarcee Q'em 3 years ago

    What if I still don’t want jerks partying around and spreading a virus that I am desperate to see the end of? I am genuinely curious of what to think of this-

  • James McCormick 3 years ago

    So, let me get this straight, full out assault for spring break kids but not for attacks on Democracy? Insurrectionist at our Capital anyone! Armed men taking over the capital in Michigan anyone!


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