Wall Street’s Male Backlash Against the Me Too Movement | The Daily Show

Published on April 15, 2019

Desi Lydic heads to Wall Street to see firsthand how the financial industry is mishandling its response to sexual harassment in the #MeToo era.



  • CHUK'S PRIITIVE 1 year ago

    When wolf of wall street is the publics perception of wall street, this isn’t suprising

  • Koru Walker 1 year ago

    “My solution is to promote more women, because woman can make wall street stronger.” Implying one gender is better than the other.

    Doesn’t look like she wants equality. She thinks women should reign above.

  • Star Cherry 1 year ago

    Afraid to hire us???
    Why are women once again being punished for speaking out against their abusers?!
    Now I’m scared that I won’t get a job, we’ve come full circle.

  • obi neux 1 year ago

    It fun and games now, just wait till prostitutes & strippers start getting more business then s**t isn’t gonna be funny anymore ahahahahahaah????

  • Zuma Zuma 1 year ago

    Nice piece!
    I am sincerely amazed at how proudly this type of people talks about how they “can’t tell where the line is”. How fucking stupid do you have to be to not know where the line is? Why are you so proud of being a grown-ass adult who doesn’t possess basic human interaction skills? Are you also proud you don’t know how to tie your shoe laces? And how often are you worried someone accuses you of a crime you didn’t commit, like theft or battery or something, why this fixation on sexual harrassment: is it because you know deep down you can actually be shitty to women? And xerox copies of dicks, seriously? I thought you had to be smart to work on Wall Street. Apparently not.

  • chepelapod gaming 1 year ago

    Those is a real concern false accusations are a problem

  • Joseph Frantz 1 year ago

    A lot of men are scared cause they know they’ve done some shit.

  • Jan Polák 1 year ago

    I bet there is this one CEO who’s just reaping this growing pool of young talents unemployed because of idiotic men

  • Noela mini 1 year ago

    ???????????? Can she get her own show

  • MarcusT 1 year ago

    Sorry to say, but the fear is real. I believe that some of the statements were…untrue. For example, how would that woman know that no one on Wall st has never lost their job for this?

  • sucksqueezebangblow 1 year ago

    Can’t trust these Comedy Central edited pieces anymore…

  • lking1540 1 year ago

    I don’t blame the men for being scared.

  • ZOZO 1 year ago

    Women are so fucking obsessed with being the victim ??? it’s pathetic

  • NexisFilms 1 year ago

    Feminazism getting owned again …

  • xby 1 year ago

    U metoo went to far

  • Glenn T K 1 year ago

    One of the first men that was sent to jail becouse of metoo movement was innocent and multiple students have been thrown out of schools for false sexual assault claims and even when it was revealed to be false the students never was welcomed back to class again. Ofcourse men are scared of false sexual claims becouse that can destroy their lives in just a couple of days becouse people are just to belive the womens.

  • Husky Passion 1 year ago

    1:38 No way that’s a real human, must be an alien in disguise !

  • Robin Raine 1 year ago

    Going after guys like Biden and Aziz that didn’t do anything wrong, it’s called MeToo Karma.

  • Baha'adeen Al-ees 1 year ago

    They already take your money, make rich richer and poor poorer, so will who persecute them for harassment and discrimination, the so called democratic US government

  • Zachary Wimer 1 year ago

    As a male that has worked in a predominantly female vocation (16 years in health care) I’ll be the first to tell you that false accusations happen ALL THE TIME. From residents/clients/patients to coworkers and bosses. Male sexual harassment is very much a thing. This video missed the mark. The #metoo movement should be about communicating not automatic validation for anyone, not just specific genders. What is divided is all the easier to conquer.


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