Wall Street Tries To Stop Average Investors Cashing In On GameStop| The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on January 28, 2021

GameStop’s stock is up 1,700% due to Reddit causing Robinhood to halt GameStop trading. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #GameStop

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  • Rali272 3 years ago

    If you in on AMC. HOLD HOLD HOLD. Put a sell limit order for $1,000.

  • Kuro Negai 3 years ago

    Don’t underestimated Redditors, we are together strong.

  • Dr. Slap Back 3 years ago

    “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” – Animal Farm

  • Gigih Setiawan P 3 years ago

    Reddit is a wierd place on the internet where shitty things can happen and amazing things can happen.

  • Vibhavi Ranasinghe 3 years ago

    Don’t Stop! Won’t Stop! Gamestop!

  • Tsvetan Georgiev 3 years ago

    Hold it right there for a second. For what I understand from the media, there is a board on which people intentionally align themselves to buy stock. In most countries (for obvious reasons), this is considered market manipulation regardless of who is doing it. Do fund managers act in a similar fashion? Probably. Do they do it in such an obvious way – certainly not. Or if you are aware of them doing so – alert the local regulators and Trevor.

    Assuming small investors are not diligent, it is a legal question if you should provide services to them. Haven’t been in a company that is in such situation but I have seen plenty of businesses backing for much smaller issues.

    See, I don’t mind people who have never had an interest in markets ranting about the situation. However, I would hold the show to much higher standards when it comes to the nuances we can see.

  • Chandelier C 3 years ago

    You had to load Faux?? Ugh

  • Jon Jeskie 3 years ago

    Ok cool but more importantly.. who is the anchor at 00:25??

  • S R 3 years ago

    US and the establishment are famous for being double standard and bending rules that are not to their benefits. Bunch of Hypocrites

  • sekitto joseph 3 years ago

    The war is on. Fight for liberty

  • Eder Rengifo 3 years ago

    This is like a very tall guy that likes to play basket with children (and take their money) suddendly faces one that dunks on him, and loses a match, so while malding he takes the ball, throws it over the fence and yells “that’s not how you should be playing!”

  • iDrawTooMuch 3 years ago

    RobinHood might have to change its name if it keeps siding with Wall Street

  • Masrur Khan 3 years ago

    Wall Street exposed, this is the biasness. It’s only free market for them, the elite, not for average people.

  • Serious ? 3 years ago

    Ayyo we better ask ja rule in the midst of this unprecedented chrisis

  • kim anh 3 years ago

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