Wall Street Is Afraid of Elizabeth Warren | The Daily Show

Published on November 6, 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s surge in the polls has CEOs and the super-wealthy scrambling to contend with her plans of increasing corporate accountability and taxes on the rich. #TheDailyShow #WorldWarD



  • Zexion98 11 months ago

    Don’t plan on voting for her unless she gets the nomination, but why should we care that Wall Street Bankers are scared of her. The same Wall Street Bankers that fucked American citizens then we bailed them out without our tax dollars. I’m glad they’re scared of her, fuck ’em.

  • Rhea P 11 months ago

    That dude up there crying “cause he cares?” I’m sure he’ll be able to cushion his hurt feelings with a new plane or some shit. MEANWHILE, my net worth is like -$200,000. Sir, can you cry for my student debt? Maybe those tears will move someone in the Department of Education.

  • Tragoudistros.MPH 11 months ago

    Take ‘m down… to reasonable levels!

  • poptart6662012 11 months ago

    whoever scares the the most- thats the one I want

  • Harlan Nicolas 11 months ago

    That is the reason why she has to be president

  • 椰子刺し武蔵 11 months ago

    I don’t like Warren but I’m glad all these people are shitting their pants

  • something!IDK 11 months ago

    There more scared of Bernie

  • gregory ariel 11 months ago

    No one is afraid of EW period

  • Azog Jarvan 11 months ago

    Jesus the billionaire was crying.

  • Lizz Keiper 11 months ago

    I was about to share this, then got to minute 3. Ha!

  • quadreb 11 months ago

    Phew, it’s a good thing politicians don’t need rich donors or she would be in serious trouble.

  • Julien-Alexandre Guichard 11 months ago

    I notice a lot of positive talk on Warren. I wonder why Trever Noah never talks about Bernie in this much depth. It’s usually just an age joke and that’s it.

  • ASimplePotato 11 months ago

    Those poor billionaires?when will life stop being so mean to them??? How will they pay for their Lamborghinis’ college tuitions?!

  • NitoNova 11 months ago

    They’re actually far more afraid of Bernie Sanders & his angels.??????‍⚖️??‍??? This Warren fear is gaslighting 101. I wonder how much she paid for this advert. ? #Bernie2020 ✌?

  • Kobaian Vagabond 11 months ago

    1. The super rich and their sycophants always cry about the sky falling. Did any of these yahoos say anything about W’s massive tax cut for the rich.
    2. If Warren is elected she’s not going to be able to enact her full agenda. No president does.

  • R Nickerson 11 months ago

    I’m honestly sick of hearing about Wall Street. It’s not even the accurate depiction of our economy it’s made out to be, never mind how shitty everyone seems to be.

  • giuseppi77 11 months ago

    The most beautiful tears I’ve ever drank.

  • NoFaceKira. 11 months ago

    Yeah. Liz might make him cry. But Bernie makes him shit the bed.
    Accept no imitations.
    Let the ass hats on wall St stay home.

  • deathtoreligion 11 months ago

    If a rich cocksucker hates her, I love her…

  • Lasombra 11 months ago

    Wall Street is afraid of Warren? Have they not heard of Bernie Sanders?


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