Wait – Donald Trump is Unfit to Serve!?

Published on January 8, 2021

Jimmy talks about yesterday’s horrible events at the U.S. Capitol, the end of Lindsey Graham and Donald Trump’s romance, an angry VP Mike Pence, resignations piling up within the administration, the possibility of the 25th amendment being invoked, people just now realizing that Trump is not fit to serve, Republicans floating the idea that ANTIFA infiltrated the attack mob, some of the people responsible for this, Trump finally releasing a statement agreeing to an “orderly transition,” and a whole new meaning to “The Snake” lyrics Trump read many times on the campaign trail as a metaphor to warn people about immigrants.

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  • DankNSpank 2 years ago

    “The facts bear me out”

    Must be those “alternative facts” Kellyanne was talking about.

  • Lin 2 years ago


  • Sandra Nelson 2 years ago

    The instigator was Trump.

  • C Jay Paz 2 years ago

    Gee i wonder why she was maced… moron…

  • chadsoandso 2 years ago


  • Boulevard 2 years ago

    Why do you hate trump????this country really belongs to the devil,trump is not a politician he is just a patriot and he doesn’t know how to pretend,well Americans are not satisfied!!!!!

  • Maya Kean 2 years ago

    I seriously cannot understand how anyone can still support Donald Trump after he literally incited a terrorist attack on the US capitol

  • bill tilford 2 years ago

    Shock, horror, probe! Trump is unfit for office. You don’t say!

  • Space Force Commander, General ‘Stabled Genius' : 2 years ago

    It’s very fortunate for law enforcement that many of the MAGA Cult didn’t want to wear masks to conceal their face when they had an excellent reason for doing in a pandemic which they think is a hoax! 😂

  • Adam Bees 2 years ago

    That rhyme at the end mad me think of the story with the frog swinging a scorpion to safety. Never trust a snake or scorpion.

  • Mouse 79 2 years ago

    Wait wait wait ropes is an Antifa tactic???? Hahahahahahahaha, the shite that comes out of their mouths would be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  • Hope Emch 2 years ago

    Lou Dobbs on Fox “Infiltrated by the Fascist group called ANTIFA.” Somebody please tell Lou what A.N.T.I.F.A. stands for.

  • Al 2 years ago

    Love seeing this circus from Canada

  • Rolf Trappmann 2 years ago

    Thanks for calling out at least some of the names of the rioters.
    This is the right way, call out the criminals, not the victims.

  • Charlie No-Face 2 years ago

    jimmy’s commentary on politics is making me start to like him. i hate this show…a lot less than i used to.

  • patricker113 2 years ago

    Antifa is not a terrorist group, it’s just a shorthand way to say Anti-Fascists. And this mob is Definitely a bunch of fascists.

  • Sheri Evans 2 years ago

    Security FARCES let the mob through the barriers …

  • derrill yager 2 years ago

    I hope secret service puts Trump and family in the bunker for their own protection as well as America’s protection, for the next 13 days, problem solved, you’re welcome

  • David Heinzen 2 years ago

    Graham-sucker fish, fox news-joseph goebbels news, the crowd- I was there, did’nt anyone see me??, Richard at skeletors desk- “The Man”!!

  • Gabe Pozzi 2 years ago

    This guy’s gonna hang just like the other Jimmy and colbeetand the British accent pieces of swine


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