Waffle House Led Kyle Chandler to the Stage

Published on December 15, 2020

James Corden connects with Kyle Chandler who is incredibly comfortable at home by the fire, and Kyle tells James how a chance encounter late one night at a Waffle House led to his first acting role. And “The Midnight Sky” star talks about how the lines between Coach Taylor and Kyle Chandler were sometimes blurred making “Friday Night Lights.” And Reggie Watts has a question for Kyle.

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  • Rihana Salihi 6 Raus Planterings skola 2 years ago

    15:James you should invite all the 1D boys to do carpool karaoke on the same day and then go like “Oops I guess you’ll have to do it together!” and they will have a good day, PLS!!

  • Ella Gunawan 2 years ago

    Loved him since Early Edition

  • ꧁Mandalore꧂ 2 years ago

    Never heard of him.

  • las bella 02 2 years ago

    Like at me yes you love to james


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