VP Joe Biden Is Finding A Way Through Grief

Published on November 14, 2017

The 47th Vice President and ‘Promise Me, Dad’ author Joe Biden continues to push forward following the loss of his son Beau, always thinking about what he can do to make Beau proud.

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  • ricardo paz 11 months ago

    just got done watching this

  • Samuel Yankin 11 months ago

    Biden is a good man who has suffered so much tragedy but continues to be inspiring. Presidential material unlike the doofus we have right now.

  • Lillian Nimmo 11 months ago

    Pence should be watching this he could get some lessons on humanity and could then use the lessons learned to try and give Trump a lesson to.

  • Peace 63 11 months ago

    Ex vice president lol

  • Turbid TG1 11 months ago

    Damn, you can see Stephen almost choke up at some points where Joe is talking about if his son would be proud of him especially since Stephen’s dad and two brothers died in a plane crash back in 1974 when Stephen was 10. So it probably made him think a little, “Would my dad be proud of me?” “Would be happy of who I’ve become?” I sensed that a little bit.

  • Marv 1236 11 months ago

    This is probably the saddest Interview yet.

  • WokeProgressive 11 months ago

    I hope Joe Runs against Trump in 2020. Im certain Joe could defeat the Orange Pussy grabbing menace.


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