VP Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump’s Lewd Language and Behavior an Abuse of Power

Published on October 13, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden gets serious calling out Donald Trump’s recent leaked-tape comments and past behavior as the textbook definition of sexual assault.

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  • Jason Gablaski 2 years ago


  • econojon 2 years ago

    would rather he was running for president. he’s a real human being, unlike

  • Moudar Alrifae 2 years ago

    would be ez win if it was you not Hillary running

  • Michelle Topham 2 years ago

    Any woman defending Donald Trump needs her head examining. If it was you or
    your daughter, would you feel the same way? He is a sexual predator and not
    remotely fit to be president of the United States. A thoroughly disgusting

  • mattmopar440 2 years ago

    before the Trump trolls show up

  • rlde 2 years ago

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it all you pervert Trump, what matters is
    that they do not want you to disturb their privacy

  • BryceStawski 2 years ago

    Uncle Joe, an actual decent person who I would be proud to have as my
    president unlike Clinton or Trump. I wish he would have ran in this

  • charley15z 2 years ago

    Joe Biden has had a few creepy touchy moments himself. Not the same….but
    still lol

  • Ayush Aryal 2 years ago

    Make sexual assault great again.

  • Kamron Grant 2 years ago

    I don’t always agree with ol’ Biden, in fact it’s not often at all… but
    this man seems to talk a lot from his heart, at least he has lately, not
    recklessly ‘speaking their mind’ like some, or always giving scripted
    speeches like others; that genuine streak is admirable in his line of work.

  • Edgedable 2 years ago

    Uncle Joe’s going in for the KILL

  • Ric-72 2 years ago

    Anyone who understands media effects, internalization, how people with
    power can play into instincts of fear and intimidation, should have known
    ALL ALONG that Trump was bad news.
    You may disagree with some of Hillary’s policies and past behaviour, but
    Trump and Pence are climate change deniers, both are claiming they will
    take steps to repeal gay marriage laws, and Pence wants to control women’s
    choices over abortions. He has tried to pass a bill in the recent past to
    force any woman who aborts their pregnancy *or even miscarries* to have a
    funeral for their dead fetus. You have to see this as an intimidation
    technique to get them to fall under his control and beliefs. Mike Pence is
    a bigoted sadist.
    Trump will plaster his name in gold letters across Air Force One, and will
    try (even though he won’t probably get away with it) to do the same to the
    White House. Even if you think what I’m saying sounds ridiculous, and I’m
    being hyperbolic, *it sounds completely in character with the man we know*.
    Trump hasn’t got the issues of your country at heart, and Pence is against
    them. With as little he knows about politics (stop and frisk, “the cyber”,
    “the nuclear”), he will be easy for Putin to manipulate as he pleases.
    His debate responses are incoherent, whereas hers are well thought out. She
    wishes to deal with environmental issues as evidenced by her alliance with
    Al Gore, and her alliance with Obama means she will likely not work to
    reverse gay marriage laws. You may see her as untrustworthy but what she
    says she stands for as of now is solid enough to prefer over his rhetoric
    and fearmongering.

  • New Message (Unread) 2 years ago

    A decent man. Let’s hope he stays in Govt. somewhere.

  • Ed Black 2 years ago

    I don’t like Trump or Hilary. However, Americas media and politicians are
    working 24/7 to prevent Trump from winning. I find that MUCH more
    disturbing than what Trump has said.

  • Selleswiet 2 years ago

    Wow a talkshow where the guest is allowed to talk without being
    interrupted? Take notes Jimmy

  • borussen 1909 2 years ago

    I’m surprised that conservative religious groups like Evangelicals are
    still supporting Trump. I thought they want someone with conservative

  • paul alsup 2 years ago

    to paraphrase: power corrupts, but absolute power lets Donald Trump think

  • dsmithers944 2 years ago

    Creepy joe Biden. I wouldn’t trust him to look after my kid let alone the

  • WeezaY5000 2 years ago

    Joe should have won, he would be beating Trump no contest right now.

  • sandy trimm 2 years ago

    what a man joe biden is ,i now know why he is soo loved


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