Voting with Conviction in 2020 – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on August 16, 2019

“Because Trump is such a visceral assault on the senses, I think people have forgotten the power of voting ??? something as opposed to ??????? something.” #BetweenTheScenes



  • Jer 1 year ago

    Harris isn’t worse than trump, but she imprisoned hundreds of people (specifically people of color) for truancy, and ridiculous marijuana laws.

    Biden isn’t worse than Trump, but he certainly wouldn’t be much of an improvement. His entire campaign is predicated on keeping the status quo the way it is. He fights for billionaires, not the average American. Plus, he has a history of problematic and harmful votes in the house.

    It’d be nice if they dropped out soon.

  • nhjardim77 1 year ago

    Trevor you’re an idiot… greetings from South Africa

  • Deborah Blackshear 1 year ago

    Trevor I totally agree with you.

  • Michael Lords 1 year ago

    They’re voting out of fear. Trump has people so scared they’d be willing to vote for anything. Not this guy though. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

  • PriusRaj 1 year ago

    If Biden wins the primaries, he will lose ultimately.

    Biden is racist “poor kids are just as smart as white kids”, and too many people refuse to vote for him.

    He’s literally a worse Hillary.

  • Star of The Highest Powers 1 year ago

    It’s a vicious cycle to keep voting for corporate democrats. We would be better off with Marianne, Bernie, Yang or Tulsi. STOP voting for bought out politicians.

  • IGPX Satomi 1 year ago

    That one lady screaming is the type vote for a team instead of the best candidate

  • tolucafreak 1 year ago

    Nah Biden shouldn’t win he looks more unqualified every time he talks

  • Nullpersona 1 year ago

    If the people vote on the issues, the candidates that most closely share their views are their representatives, definitively.
    What the US has right now is financial feudalism, where an entire country of indentured servants rage against their handlers.
    This is despite the fact that if 100% of the wealth of the slaves and drivers were to be combined, it would be a fraction of the debt, owed to the masters, even globally.

  • Bobby Campoy 1 year ago

    I seriously love Trevor Noah.

  • SchwerMetall154 1 year ago

    From what happened last year, 2018, we’ve seen Republicans committed to voter suppression in Florida and Alabama and election fraud in North Carolina. There’s the aspect of gerrymandering which we’ve seen in multiple states by both parties except Dems have called out their own members whilst Reps remain silent and while there’s Dems gerrymandering Maryland, Reps have Wisconsin, both Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia. So in the case of gerrymandering, there’s the aspect that both do it, one just does it way more.

    Republicans even this year, 2019, have blocked half a dozen bills that would promote election security and equal enfranchisement which has worked well in not only other nations but individual states here in the US proving how well it can be.

    It’s stuff like as to why I still have to vote Dem in 2020, even if it’s Biden. I’ve lived in TX-35, a district that travels along I-35 between Austin and San Antonio, regarded as the most gerrymandered district that despite being mostly 60% Latino with the surrounding districts being 80% white, the SCOTUS ruled on no racial gerrymandering in the only state where being white is a minority. Seeing how Reps can disenfranchise my neighbors, my fellow Americans, this is why I have an obligation to vote Blue.

    I’m voting for Warren or Sanders in March, but whoever wins in July is the candidate I’m voting for regardless. Trump’s a menace and Reps are the enablers of this twisted world we currently reside, leading us into recession and nationalistic terrorism. There’s no way I can vote Red, even if the Dems nominate Biden, for the sake of myself and my comrades-in-arms.

  • TheJuanNonly 1 year ago

    What is this voting 101 for libtards ?

  • N R 1 year ago

    in the democratic primaries, vote for the guy you think is best, (which is either Yang or Bernie, btw :D)
    then when it’s 1-on-1, vote for the guy who isn’t Trump, or isn’t the shit stain that’s been selling out our country out for the last 4 years 😀

  • Shawn Busch 1 year ago

    Strategic voting causes a good portion of this.

  • Rickus LastName 1 year ago

    The perspective of ‘voting against someone rather than for someone’ is exactly why trump is president. Many republicans don’t like trump but they either “couldn’t vote for a democrat” or they “just like watching libs cry”.

  • Adrian Duran 1 year ago

    Who is this Conviction and why should they be in the Voting Booth with me?

  • User name 1 year ago

    Bernie is better than Trump.
    True facts

  • Joe Crockrell 1 year ago

    America need to stop putting itself in a “Lesser of two evils” sort of General Election. You don’t get anything done by dodging your real intentions. V

  • anis jerbi 1 year ago

    As soon as trump loses He shall go to prison.

  • anna neumann 1 year ago

    The thing is that this is why there are in-party votes before the final votes. .. I’m not saying that it even works the best possible way, but the idea is to vote for who you want, the first time around.

    I still think it would be better for us to get 2nd & 3rd choices and eliminate the party system.


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