Vladimir Putin Reassures The World That Russia’s Troops Are Retreating

Published on February 17, 2022

Okay, that was clearly just an optical illusion. #Colbert #Comedy #ColdOpens

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  • Yutsano Senpai 2 years ago


  • Calvin Tales 2 years ago

    Everything’s fine, but it’s a speech about World War 2 and people, who died there. ( Kinda disrespectful.

  • TryingTo Correct 2 years ago

    Try to do this comedy in Russia, and … well… might get jail time actually.

  • GildaLee27 2 years ago

    His nipple piercings were done in Kyiv back in the day.

  • Fernie 2 years ago

    well, i believe him. irrefutable evidence as we can all see with our own eyes. i don’t care what our military satellites say. my president trump told me putin can be trusted 100%.

  • WhyTheHorseface 2 years ago

    I love how Russian and North Korean military hats are so comically large. Like they think if they have bigger hats they are the tougher guys.

  • XantheSpace 2 years ago

    Bad original video to choose. Speech about June 22nd 1941 is like…well, it feels heretical to make jokes based on that idk

  • jc 2 years ago

    Oh damn… I was hoping when I’d see the Kim Jong Un version again, but hello Putin and David Copperfield lol

  • Markus Str. 2 years ago

    “I believe everything, the corrupt mainstream Media Mafia teils me. Steven is the best!”

  • Ganiscol 2 years ago

    The only thing that is missing here is the actual Soviet… I mean Russian national anthem. Why not play that?
    Not gonna lie, I like it for its sound and how it projects Soviet… I mean Russian power.
    Are there licensing or assassination worries at CBS over using the real deal?

  • DanFrederiksen2 2 years ago

    btw the canadian truckers are 90% v4ccinated. ura tw4t, Stevo.


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