Vladimir Putin Plans Nuclear Test near Ukrainian Border

Published on October 6, 2022

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, October 5.

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  • Phil Cochetti 12 months ago

    Uhhh yeah, I went to college with Fred and he wore that same ascot the day he showed up to “Law, Society and Politics of Sex and Reproduction” in the Women’s Studies department. We went around the room introducing ourselves and why we were taking the class; his introduction? “I heard this is a great place to meet chicks” Pretty sure Whitney Cummings was in the class with us actually. (*Not Fred, although based on a real incident and yes pretty sure Whitney was in that class)

  • dunbar9finger 12 months ago

    Who’s definition of “Ukrainian Border”? The correct definition or Putin’s definition? By Putin’s definition, well inside Ukraine is still “the border”.

  • David Braun 12 months ago

    Velma is not depicted as LGBTQ, dude, pick one of the five!

  • mirrorman95 12 months ago

    1:48 Best joke

  • steve conn 12 months ago

    Harold Lloyd hanging onto a doomsday clock…

  • sanjuansteve 12 months ago

    Putin thought Drumpf and the GOP would be fascist dictators of a new USA by now and doing everything he wanted.

    Let’s end nuclear weapons (and power too) before some IDIOT uses them. Drumpf and the GOP have already publicly threatened to preemptively nuke N Korea, Iran and all hurricanes and now he’s bragging that he would also threaten to nuke Russia too, Republicans are Nazis.

    As long as our system allows our politicians to personally profit from every gun sold and every bomb sold or dropped, mass shootings, terrorism & wars will be inevitable.

    #getALLmoneyOut #EndCitizensUnited #DEMEXIT #StillSandersPlatform
    #EndNukes #WorldwideDisarmament #RepublicansAreNazis

  • Johnny Chronic 12 months ago

    Can we stop pretending people don’t like the social justice reboots because for anything other than they suck *writing casting, plot etc). Why not make new original ideas for these social justice movies? I think it;d do better than ruining classics.

  • Brandon Davidson 12 months ago

    How dare you slander Fred Jones like that? The decades of Scooby-Doo canon lore are clear that Fred is asexual, and cares most about his traps and solving mysteries! Also, if you don’t think Fred isn’t an LGBT ally, you know nothing about how he treats the people he cares about.

  • SouthofSalvation 12 months ago

    Putin has grown weak and unstable. His pride will be the world end. He is showing his true cowardice.

  • Kyle J 12 months ago

    Fake laughs get boring tbh…

  • CptKirk FPV 12 months ago

    “in a green sports car” POV its an iconic corvette and your writers are oblivious…

  • Cthulhu_lives 12 months ago

    Velma isn’t gay, she is just a nerd.
    Daphne is gay, she is totally a lipstick Lesbian.

  • dragonweyr44 12 months ago

    We should have a nuclear test, maybe somewhere near the Kremlin

  • Devil'sAdvocate 12 months ago

    Kim Jong Putin now? This guy threatens us and Ukraine is kicking his ass. He better hope we dont get involved.

  • dcptiv 12 months ago

    I wonder if the people in the “test” area will be informed.

  • Lachailill McLennan 12 months ago

    CORRECTION: It’s Daphne Blake’s van, not Freds. Jeez, who doesn’t know that?

  • Suzanne Berry 12 months ago

    Putin really is addicted to botox.


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