Virtue Signal gets to the bottom of Trump’s tax returns

Published on September 29, 2020

Virtue Signal dives deep into Trump’s tax records and the new SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett with Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL). Plus, the hosts preview the first presidential debate. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 9/29/2020

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  • Shaun Lowe 4 weeks ago

    Fukn stupid clip. And the fact that this generation thought it was funny enough to make and put out. Says everything that’s wrong with this country.
    It’s astounding to me that we can repeat history on slow mo like this. And have no idea we’re doing it.

  • Shadowofchaos 89 4 weeks ago

    Vote out the trumptator in thief. If he owes russia $10 dollars, that is treason against America’s interests.

  • A Sly Doc 4 weeks ago

    WTF Brian?! Keep it simple, stupid! 😂

  • David J 4 weeks ago

    Due to the mountain of debt that he’s under, It’s being reported that Trump is so desperate for money, that he recently contacted Stormy Daniels, and begged her for some of that hush money payment back. 😆😂😄

  • Doomed To Linger 4 weeks ago

    Everyone should pay their fair hair…

  • E Theory 4 weeks ago

    Everyone pays taxes except for President-Hold-My-Beer-Watch-This.

  • NoOne Unscripted 4 weeks ago

    Women & the future of Roe v. Wade >>>

  • 1p6t1gms 4 weeks ago

    Remember how many people support Senator Sanders ideas.. don’t forget.

  • no yes 4 weeks ago

    no. not funny, and Worse, WORKing on Unwatchable. unsub Scribe?

  • fanatic26 4 weeks ago

    this is terrible, who approved putting this online?

  • Tami Price 4 weeks ago

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  • Sarah o 4 weeks ago

    Yes. Kylie is back!!!!

  • PrinsTan 4 weeks ago

    His supporters don’t care and don’t believe it. This is not going to have an impact on his supporters in the least. Biden needs to hit hard tonight.

  • Staubkorn Hempel 4 weeks ago

    WTF Bryan ??? 😂

  • New Message 4 weeks ago

    $20 says when they mentioned making ‘Notorious A.C.B.’ t shirts, Donnie furrowed his brow for a minute, worried that she was taking a strong stance on education.

  • Jacob Carr 4 weeks ago

    “Tooning out of the news” is the easily the worst part of The Late Show. It’s just not funny and trying too hard. Probably the writers of this were stacking chairs in the auditorium before Covid. They’d be better off doing something actually useful during the pandemic like delivering food parcels.

  • Branjo Snow 4 weeks ago


  • Space Force Commander, General ‘Spanky Bonespurs' : 4 weeks ago

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg lies in state while Trump lies in the White House, his rallies, everywhere he goes.

  • For The Wynne 4 weeks ago

    I love the guy at the end. I mean it sounds dead on the point to me.

  • Ro G 4 weeks ago

    We all know that if it were actually t’rump making the pick, he would have picked Judge Jeanine. Good thing Mitch is there to tell him what to do.


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