Violence Against Women & What Men Can Do to Stop It – Beyond the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on May 10, 2022

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce started as a celebrity scandal, but has evolved into a larger discussion surrounding the harassment many women face when trying to leave a relationship. In this episode, host Roy Wood Jr. sits down with Daily Show writer Christiana Mbakwe-Medina and journalist Rachel Louise Snyder to discuss how The Daily Show has covered this topic, the many types of violence women endure on a daily basis, and the lengths women go to in order to feel safe.

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  • Lirazel64 1 year ago

    Whenever I walk to my car at night, I clutch my keys with the points protruding between the fingers of my fist. Sigh.

  • Jay Jordan 1 year ago

    And then there’s getting harassed by the Supreme Court.

  • MR. MAÑ 1 year ago

    *Why Kanye In the title??? For trying to save his children from a weird gypsy family???*

  • Phantom 001 1 year ago

    why should men get involved I heard women can handle everything themselves. HOW ABOUT THE VIOLENCE ON MEN TREVOR.

  • Cee Williams 1 year ago

    What about the different types of harassment towards men the men face everyday??

  • The End Begins 1 year ago

    What’s with the Kanye slander?

  • JR 22 1 year ago

    Imagine downplaying or even denying the adversities facing *the other* (in this context, groups of people outside of your own sphere). Couldn’t be me.

  • NellsBell 1 year ago

    thank you! keep it up!

  • Clovis 1 year ago

    The violence against women is perpetuated by men at the highest level of US government. Horrific.

  • dukasch michmol 1 year ago

    Woman don’t need man, so handle yourself or you better a man

  • Sohrab R 1 year ago

    Why no one speaks about violence/abuse against men?

  • SB 1 year ago

    These comments are depressing.

  • Jewel Marie 1 year ago

    Let’s also note that women have been violently attacked or killed for rejecting a man’s advancement.

  • SundanceWolf- SkyyeLakara 1 year ago

    Thank you for posting this!

  • Victor 1 year ago

    The verbal gymnastics, misrepresentation of facts and flat out bias propaganda of this video is shocking. I feel like I’m watching a pro-trump PragerU video or something. All nonsense, conjecture, false presentation and bias grooming.

  • Timothy Monroe 1 year ago

    People commenting 30 minutes ago on an hour long video DID NOT watch the video. Friends, please watch and sit with this video.


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