Viggo Mortensen Clears Up Some Rumors On A Late Show



  • Sheridan 10 months ago

    Hmm a very humble guy

  • gemini star 10 months ago

    He was totally sexy bad**se in Eastern Promises.

  • Mark Lumsley 10 months ago

    I think I remember why Viggo isn’t seen in many interviews…

  • Alma Musik 10 months ago

    Great interview! I pray that our vertigo is healed.

  • Nicole Terry 10 months ago

    Funny bit for you, robot calls in Canada that we get;
    You will be prosecuted and your social insurance number will be charged in the criminal court’s; press 1 to reach a presentable.
    You will be imprisoned if you do not comply;
    Press 1 to speak to a representative;
    (In a hindu accent)
    Federal Service, how may I help you?
    : how are you going to arrest me?”
    We can only arrest you when your panties are off.
    (Pause for my shock and sorrow turning into laughter)
    I let him go on..
    If your panties are on we cannot take action, but if they are off we can arrest you.. (which is where I howled Into laughter and hung up.

  • David Connell 10 months ago

    This interview led me to google and learn that he’s a bit older than me. Made me sad. I always thought he was younger. Still beautiful, that won’t change.

  • CloisForever29 10 months ago

    Viggo 😍❤️

  • Michel Swerissen 10 months ago

    What’s the craziest thing Stephen Colbert has said in an interview?

  • Derek Mulling 10 months ago

    Viggo is great in A History of Violence too.

  • Helen Troy 10 months ago

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  • AM Steensberg 10 months ago


  • Cukito4 10 months ago

    So Sean DID pee inside Madonna?

  • jaiitup 10 months ago

    He’s one of them rangers.

  • Walter Ingle 10 months ago

    I remember back in the day when the original actor to play Aragorn/Strider was canned, and it was announced Viggo Mortensen was replacing him. I worked near University of Kentucky’s campus and some college aged fan boys came into the grocery store I worked 3rd shift bitching about it, essentially setting up a fan based potential trolling of “who is this f***er?”
    My response was: First of all have you read any of the books?
    Them: Uh…
    Me: I’ve read ‘The Hobbit’ AND ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ and the scene in ‘The Two Towers’ where Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas chasing the goblins and orcs who kidnapped Merri and Pippin puts me to sleep faster than accidentally stumbling across golf while channel surfing and I’m put to sleep faster than chloroform, and can’t get through it. I’m looking forward to what is essentially a very needed editor in Peter Jackson.
    Them: (wide eyed by now) But… but…
    Me: You want to know what a potential powerhouse Viggo is? I know the name because I watched the movie “The Prophecy” and made an effort to see who played Lucifer in that movie. He stole the show from Christopher f’ing Walken. The Blockbuster across the street has it. Watch that movie and come back and tell me you have a leg to stand on. Here’s your change, come back when you’re educated.

    To round out the anecdote, one of them came back and thanked me. Thank you Mr. Mortgensen for taking that role.

  • Cheryl Sibson 10 months ago

    Viggo Mortensen has nice eyes!

  • anny chua92 10 months ago

    I remember how fine Aragorn is. Viggo is charming indeed.

  • The future is in our hands 10 months ago

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  • Samuel Mumm 10 months ago

    Love Hidalgo, and not lying 😀 Waiting for part 2.

  • Andrea Edgin Wynn 10 months ago

    A great actor and a classy man.

  • Furry Fox 10 months ago

    I’m not used to hearing Viggo raise his voice or sound animated outside of movies. In all the interviews and commentary he did for LOTR movies and video games, he sounded so mellow and has a deep, gravelly voice. But here on Stephen Colbert’s show, it’s like he’s a whole different person.


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