Video Surfaces of Trump Partying with Jeffrey Epstein | The Daily Show

Published on July 20, 2019

After footage emerges of Donald Trump partying with alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in 1992, Michael Kosta analyzes how bad this could be for the president.



  • digital subliminal messages 7 months ago

    S T O P. RA P E I N G. B a B I E S
    They were all just clei ts / “freinds …pah” “they’re all just a bunch of hanger oners” “all the want is my hookers and my money”

  • y tho 7 months ago

    Trump supporters are gonna start redefining child porn and pedophilia once Trump is named. They’re gonna rationalize and justify Trump and project and deny and accept and disavow and say “who cares” all at the same time, and Trump is gonna skate just like Epstein

  • ildix 7 months ago

    thanks, now I have to pour bleach in my eyes.

  • Kendrick Cunningham 7 months ago

    I don’t know what this beat is your talking about lol

  • Mr Macarony 7 months ago

    His Eyebrows are from a different dimension.Reminds me of something i saw on the TV show Fringe.

  • Keren Cruz 7 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that trump grabbed a girls ass at 2.22 like if you saw it

  • Denius 7 months ago

    Arousing lip bite and no stretching of his zip area of pant agreeing with stormy daniel on trump’s little mushroom?

  • Lukas Beckers 7 months ago

    ok thats redicolus: small talk on a party doesnt mean anything and is defenitivly not news worthy.
    Dont like Trump, but this is rediculus tho.

  • avi gutierrez 7 months ago

    ????????????????????????????. So sad so funny so morbid gotta say this is not looking great for the Donald.

  • knowledge 7 months ago

    You guys make a good laugh couple

  • Maggie Garden 7 months ago

    You mis quoted what dump said, no “but” was in the quote.

  • Otherworldlytwo2nine 7 months ago

    That “white guy confidence” is a very very real thing. ?????

  • Mister Itchy 7 months ago

    The “White Guy’s lip bite” is actually called the “White Man’s Overbite” … seriously! Google it!

  • Dee Lee 7 months ago

    ?trump is such a douche

  • daripper4u 7 months ago

    Trump to Epstein: “she told me she is already 19 and can attend our after party to which i invited her. Already 19! If she only knew”

  • Drago Ninjay 7 months ago

    Finally someone covers this, instead of storming Area 51, storm Donald Trump.

  • Vik London 7 months ago

    who the fuck cares

  • matthew Pasculli 7 months ago

    The devil works hard but trump works harder.

  • Ben Dover 7 months ago

    I’ve got TOO MUCH white guy confidence! And when I drink?? Don’t even go there ?

  • munmun hazarika 7 months ago

    President’s paedofile in cheif


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