Video Game Watchers Are Mad at Jimmy Kimmel

Published on September 1, 2015

Jimmy responds to the people who got mad at him after he joked about YouTube Gaming, a new YouTube platform on which people can watch other people play video games.

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  • Al. Lopez (AL2009man) 3 years ago

    I wasn’t happy that Jimmy didn’t bother to use Constructive Criticism
    Comments just to show that not all members of the gaming community look
    bad. :(

  • Aaron Evans 3 years ago

    Bunch of loser gamers scared to leave their houses and acting tough behind
    a keyboard from their moms basements lol

  • Samin Choudhury 3 years ago

    Jimmy 1v1 me quickscope noscope, I will rek you.

  • Anfieldr S 3 years ago

    lol he makes fun of some pretty logic comments

  • Ivan Filipović 3 years ago

    People get butthurt way too easily, I personally watch some youtube gamers
    and I find this shit funny af.

  • emanalastas 3 years ago

    How. . can. . he. . . so . . . insensitive and ignorant?

  • Daniel gidgarts 3 years ago

    Good job Jimmy kids need to get out in stead of gaming 24/7 gamers need to
    get a life they are losers that need to go and get there dick wet but
    instead they jerk off to a fucking minecraft players .

  • Robert Machulla 3 years ago

    It’s fine to watch parts of stuff you’re struck on like walkthroughs, that
    helped me get through a lot of things and in some ways I play better myself
    after that, I think ppl who don’t do any of that simply think ppl spend
    their day being lazy and just watching other ppl play games and if they do
    then yes that’s stupid and pointless, but I’m pretty sure most do it to
    learn or for fun to just see ahead or get a sample of games that they don’t
    know weather or not they want to buy so watching others do it helps em
    decide that for them

  • matty6ross 3 years ago

    Wow again, excuse me, this video just gave me diarrhea.

  • partybloo 3 years ago

    Guys, Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of everything. Calm down. I’m a gamer and I
    also watch streams, and I found this video funny. Don’t take it so

  • Viscontibeauty 3 years ago

    Lol I love your videos jimmy. Haterz u can go choke on old brocolli or

  • eropel 3 years ago

    Jimmy you really come across as an old man with this. I encouraged my 8
    year old to watch other players doing things in Minecrat. In turn, it
    peaked his curiosity about how games and mods are made. He asked me to
    teach him how to code and he’s currently absorbing everything we throw at
    him and writing his own code.. at 8! So make fun all you want gramps, times
    and tastes change.

  • dickman1981 3 years ago

    Come over and watch while double dutch ruddering.

  • Bobby K. Richardson 3 years ago

    “it’s not like watching people play fantasy football” Jimmy Kimmel still
    doesn’t get it.

  • AWGT 3 years ago

    Next Comedy Routine: “Back in my day gas was only a nickle. I don’t like

  • Jazandu 3 years ago

    Jimmy kimmel is is not JUST about watching the game it is about watching
    entertainers play also about talking to fellow viewers from around the
    world and having fun. The bad side is 10% of the gameing community dont
    understand a joke and they go full aids on you

  • Jonathan Sampson 3 years ago

    It’s funny with everyone hating on him… they are giving him more and more
    views making him money. I am sure he loves this. ha ha.

  • Alex Taggart 3 years ago


  • Dny 3 years ago

    Jimmy just made a terrible situation even worse , jimmy i dare you to start
    your car in the morning.

  • pikukax11 3 years ago

    He is right why watch games if you could play them? Why watch a famous
    person falling apart and being joked on around the whole country if you can
    simply do it your self? Why watch Jimmy Kimmel career if you can just go on
    the harbor and see a sinking ship? Why would you watch this show if you
    could go on the toilet and watch a piece of shit? I’ve made my point, I
    really hope.

  • Rageshaw 3 years ago

    Jimmy, gaming has evolved. Video games or eSports, nowadays, is like
    playing a chess on a computer. It has this competitive environment where
    people would enjoy watching it to get more ideas, tactics, strategies or
    whatsoever to win over an opponent. Have you ever watched a chess match,
    jimmy? Do you enjoy it? I guess you don’t because you can’t comprehend a
    game where you actually use your brain. Jimmy, you’re getting old… And
    stupid. Accept it.

  • bbstar54 3 years ago

    Jimmy kimmel kind of bugs me now. I thought he was a pretty cool guy but
    being that he is bashing something he completely doesn’t understand, he has
    lost my respect. I think it is a very good correlation between watching
    sports and watching esports. These games get very competitive and though I
    only watch pros on occasion I still find it very entertaining to watch it.
    I play soccer as well and love watching professional soccer in the same
    way. Please give the gaming audience a real apology. Thanks!

  • Mia OnYT 3 years ago

    OMG I love watching games but ppl really??? Kimmel’s vid is still super

  • karan patil 3 years ago

    what’s up with the beard?

  • plpant 3 years ago


  • Shane Nelson (undertow9x) 3 years ago

    Hey Jimmy, Long time gamer here. Just wanted to say thank you. I have been
    saying this for a long time. I will never see the appeal of watching
    someone play games that I my self could be playing. So thank you for
    pointing out how ludicrous all of this is. Oh and for everyone losing your
    mind over this. You are the people that give gamers a bad name. You need to
    learn to laugh at your self. So what if some asshole on TV doesn’t get it.
    Apparently you do so piss off and go watch your video games. Stop telling
    people you wish they get cancer or they should hang themselves. You are
    making the gaming community look like a bunch of mental violent sociopaths.

  • Dylan Bell 3 years ago

    I thought all the people who watched streams accepted it was a waste of
    life by now… I don’t even understand how he got hate for this xD

  • iSonikz 3 years ago

    I think this was more funny and more genuine than the last one which was
    really close minded and out of touch. But still, the point stands that you
    should’ve done your research before responding to the last mess.

  • Akash Pandya 3 years ago

    Esports is a thing. Don’t be ignorant.

  • cso2040 3 years ago

    I guess he didn’t grow up with brothers, cousins or friends getting
    together and watching each other play videogames.

  • John Bob 3 years ago

    what about people watching other people talking shit / mocking what other
    people like to do ? isn’t that Your audience ? your concept? hope that
    trash mentality never gets to Europe. very instructive Television 🙂 😀 xd
    =) :! :=) ::) open minded people 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 You look pathetic :/ 2 times
    in a week. gratz.

  • TheMigliaccios 3 years ago

    I honestly don’t care I still love jimmy. And it’s a joke ppl come on haha

  • OlVlGv's Channel 3 years ago

    The ignorant kid that said “get cancer” just gave the gaming community a
    shitty reputation. Or the people that resorted to death threats and
    threatening his family. Like wtf is wrong with these people? I myself watch
    people play video games (eSports to be exact) and when I saw his vids about
    people watching other people play video games, I laughed. Didn’t get my ass
    fucked and sore for the whole day.

  • pr0tect0r7 3 years ago

    I think you’re very wrong about your reasoning. You say that watching
    people play video games is one step removed from human activity. It’s more
    diverse than I think you understand, and just a different way of satisfying
    the same needs or desires of those who enjoy watching football or any
    sport. Most people who watch those games, they are actually conversing in
    voice chat together, or the chat on the side of the actual person they are
    watching. Not the same as actually hanging out with people you know and
    see, but more diverse that these people are from all over, and likely can’t
    easily just walk over to each other’s house to sit and watch (which
    actually some people actually do). Watching any sports entertainment
    satisfies certain needs. You wouldn’t watch it if you didn’t enjoy it, it
    may satisfy instinctual needs, the desire to watch titan’s clash, or
    whatever. People watching these games can develop the same feeling, they
    have their own heroes, but instead of basing on passes, runs, yardage, they
    measure their heroes in strategy, cunning, the ability to deke out an
    opponent, not with their bodies, but their minds. They’re projecting their
    thoughts basically into something else that is simulated. I take somewhat
    of an outward perspective on this because I have watched football, all
    sports, and even video game competitions and championships, and I really
    don’t get what any of you get out of living vicariously through others. I
    always just wanted to either play the sports, even unprofessional, or the
    video game myself. Watching sports or video games can be intense and
    interesting some times, watching amazing plays, the highlights, everyone
    can enjoy that. I don’t have the attention span you all have to sit there
    and waste a few hours of your life watching these people in video games or
    sports, but then again there is likely something I do for a few hours of my
    time observing that people of both spectating sports of video games or
    sports would never do or could only find mildly interesting. I have played
    sports my whole life, I was in the Marine Corps and in amazing shape when I
    was, I have made many friends for life through sports, and even video
    games, and I have met many of these people I played with in real life, the
    first time being a paintball meet for people who played on the same server.
    I still have many of these friends to this day from both sides. I do have
    to say though, that the people I meet among video games are far more
    diverse in who they are than those I have played sports with or watched
    sports with. And to tell you the truth the video game spectators seem
    engaged in their thoughts and sharing them somewhat when spectating, while
    the sports spectators are more meditating and clearing their mind of
    thought to engage in enjoying the game. That being said, I really don’t get
    how any of you enjoy spectating e-sports or professional sports.

  • Mitch Mustang Sr. 3 years ago

    Mitchmustang585 XBL GEARS OF WAR

  • S Alex 3 years ago

    I thought this was hilarious but you’re still a dumbass. Watching eSports
    is no different than watching regular sports. No matter what your
    definition of it is, you can’t change the real definition.

  • hee heesoon 3 years ago

    are u dumb? why dont you go into the ring and fight brock lesnar instead of
    watching it at home? stop defending

  • Cube. Lord 3 years ago

    My fav activity is watching people play games, but still this video is
    hilarious :P

  • JayYTGamer 3 years ago

    Watching someone play football isn’t any different than watching someone
    play a video game. You watch multiple sweaty men tackle each other and
    throw a ball around. I watch sweaty nerds slay dragons and battle each
    other using mythical creatures.

    I don’t see the problem.

  • trapt81 3 years ago

    The audience is told to clap, laugh, maybe they should clap ,laugh because
    he is funny? OPPS!

  • Lee Skilton 3 years ago

    Wow I’m in my 30s and Jimmy is giving me old man douche chills

  • Daniel Ostrowski 3 years ago

    For a lot of these shows, the gaming is a backdrop. It’s the commentary
    that people watch for- and it’s only the ones with commentary that are
    successful. Take for example, the Game Grumps, who are hugely popular.
    Chances are, those 2 million subscribers aren’t watching because they want
    to watch riveting Sonic Adventure gameplay- they want to listen to the Game
    Grumps. They want to listen to two people who are talking and making jokes-
    you might consider them comedians.

    In the same way, however many people might watch Jimmy Kimmel live not
    because they want to sit for an hour watching a man talk. They’re probably
    watching it for Jimmy Kimmel.
    For all gaming videos I watch, I do it because that person is entertaining,
    not so much because I want to watch someone complete Mario games I’ve
    already played to death. It’s all about the people. Yes, I might be more
    interested in watching one game over another, but if the commentator isn’t
    interesting then it’s not worth the watch.

    Gaming videos like these are just as legitimate a form of entertainment as
    any other, and the fact that they choose to do it with gaming as a backdrop
    is irrelevant.

  • neatwill 3 years ago

    You gamers need to chill the fuck out lol…Its was COMEDY.

    People get offended so easily these days its honestly hilarious.

  • Stanisław Wiśniewski 3 years ago

    Jimmy – dislikes and made comments come from 15y olds so just ignored 🙂
    You are absolutely right!

  • LegitCyborg - Clash of Clans 3 years ago

    He picks the comments that are super ignorant from 8 year olds. Honestly,
    watching video games IS the same as watching sports. When you watch
    football you are watching a team of people play a game. When I watch video
    games I’m watching 1 or more people play a game! There’s no difference.
    Hell, some of the esports players make more than football players!

  • Wily Werewolf 3 years ago

    like watching fox news pouring over rap lyrics, freaking retard…

  • Hard. 3 years ago

    What a fucktard, I used to like you Jim…Used to.

  • Miniglitch 3 years ago

    My balls are aching maybe they wanna smell you

  • Official Infamous 3 years ago

    1v1 me scrub

  • Alrek1245 3 years ago

    “making fun of things is much easier when you know what you are talking

  • MR. Mahamed 3 years ago

    10k dislikes= virgin losers

  • kimmychi1 3 years ago

    Someone link him Totalbiscuit’s explanation. A clear, calm man who
    seriously gets the point.

  • GamerandGeek222 3 years ago

    I like how this guy gets to disrespect people who watch others online. When
    he gets payed because people watch him online. If he thinks he is so smart
    why doesn’t he go make a youtube or twitch channel and make gaming videos.
    Then we will see how stupid he thinks it is when he is making bank off the
    same idea. Hell why watch jimmy when we could all just go be jimmy. I bet
    he wouldn’t be making fun of it if he didn’t have a audience there eating
    out of the palm of his hand. I swear comedians like him are just like those
    annoying 12 year olds that have their “clique” that think everything they
    do is badass.

  • People People 3 years ago

    yes i finally have a reason to invite jimmy over to my house
    why do people care if he thinks its dumb its his opinion not anybody elses

  • Lars Smessaert 3 years ago

    Wow, really ashamed I’m part of the gaming community right now… I love
    video games and I also like watching people play video games . But that
    doesn’t mean other people can’t think it’s weird and make jokes about it.
    People really are shit if they attack Jimmy Kimmel for this…

  • Ryan 3 years ago

    You know a large portion of your fan base are youngsters who play games
    right? you just lost a WHOLE lot of fans my friend … nice move

  • jkim6509 3 years ago

    Am gamer but Kimmel too funny reciting those comments bwahahaha

  • Shawn Andrews 3 years ago

    Jimmy hasn’t got one fucking clue what hes talking about… this is
    incredible… i just keep replaying this video in amazement

  • Luke H 3 years ago

    So I didn’t see the other video but this one’s not great. He’s missing the
    point. Fantasy football is a completely different type of game, not a
    watchable one. To be honest, he’s right that it’s not like watching actual
    football. Video games are continuous, faster pace, and more entertaining.
    Personally, I only watch people play video games if they’re doing some
    comedic commentary on top of it (when I actually like their comedy). Jimmy
    Kimmel is sometimes funny, so as a sometimes comedian he should understand
    why people like comedy.

  • Scooby Doo 3 years ago

    Ignorant. All i’m saying.

  • xFloody 3 years ago

    How is watching someone stream ‘one step more removed’ than watching
    someone playing a sport? If anything it is less removed, when watching a
    gaming stream you are often able to interact with the person you are

  • Drunken Punk 800 3 years ago

    Nearly 11,000 losers downvoted this. Keep up the good work, Jimmy.

  • Jab 3 years ago

    Jimmy just go get cancer for me you fucking bearded lumberjack

  • Rhorlak Kerrigan 3 years ago

    Not gonna lie, I like to watch gaming videos and streams, but goddamn it’s
    almost too funny to see people lose their shit because one guy said
    something they don’t agree with

  • rhyu dao 3 years ago

    LMAO, you guys are hilarious. I’m a part of the youth, I watch “Let’s
    plays” all the time, I play video games all the time, but I can tell you,
    video games are not a true sport, just like chess isn’t a true sport. If no
    physical activity is required, it is not a sport. Watching people play
    video games actually is kinda dumb, but so is a lot of stuff humanity is
    into nowadays, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just accept it.

  • trapt81 3 years ago

    It’s all on how you’re entertained, which I found odd that he didn’t
    understand since he is supposed to entertain.

  • ssvegeto 3 years ago

    Yea of course out of the 11772 comments you just had to cherry pick the few
    single idiotic comments you get on EVERY video instead of the numerous top
    rated balanced and sensible comments didn’t you jimmy? Typical American
    media choosing to show only what is convenient and the many thousands more
    idiots who would blindly lap it up

  • Chris O'Neill 3 years ago

    You guys are pathetic. Watching people play video games is about the
    laziest, most brain dead thing you could do.

  • Raul Cabral 3 years ago

    I love you buttcrack Kimmelzzzzzzzz

  • TheAzertjuh 3 years ago

    Doesn’t he understand that games are insanely complex and competitive
    nowadays? He thinks we’re all here watching a guy play pacman

  • neatwill 3 years ago

    This whole situation has made me like Kimmel even more.

  • RoninRiot 3 years ago

    Making jabs about something you don’t understand, sure whatever. It can be
    funny. However, setting yourself above gamers simply because you don’t
    understand it, where is the logic in that? “If I was in the NBA I would go
    play basketball.” If I was in the LCS I would go play too. You’re not in
    the NBA and I’m not a pro at LoL. Just as you enjoy watching the skills and
    abilities of the pro players, I enjoy doing the same. Just as people like
    watching you for your personality and reactions, gamers watch other people
    play games for the same reason. Surely that is a comparison you can
    understand, but I guess I just need to “go outside and play.” I can’t
    fathom how people actually believe that ridiculous stigma. I hope after
    reading many worthy comments that address the issue appropriately (and not
    just chosing ones that wish death upon you) you might understand the
    comparisons between your hobbies and ours.

  • Rise Prop 3 years ago

    Lmao still talking shit, KYS you irrelevant bitch boy.

  • Patrick Kineavy 3 years ago

    Am i the only who understands Kimmel is a comedian. This whole issue is
    just making the gaming/streaming community look bad. Its a fucking joke,
    not a dick stop taking it so hard.

  • beaverknight 3 years ago

    You’re just trying to be relevant try harder Jimmy

  • SuperTupac 3 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel looking like a mess nowadays

  • KoolAidManOG 3 years ago

    “Video Game Watchers Are Mad at Jimmy Kimmel”

    Proof is in the video downvotes. The upvote:downvote ratio doesn’t reflect
    the quality of the video, it just shows how mad you people are.

    Kimmel makes fun of EVERYTHING but gamers are the only ones to take
    offense. I watch Dota 2 on Twitch almost every day but I wouldn’t dream of
    being so butthurt at Kimmel’s videos.

    Y’all need to relax.

  • Sabastion YOLO 3 years ago

    Did he pick the worst ones or are these kids this stupid?

  • Picturized 3 years ago

    imagine getting angry at a professional comedian because he made a joke
    about stinky gamers, you would think for people who care so much about
    entertainment that they would understand how it works, this is his job let
    him do it, he is supposed to make the average midnight couch potato giggle
    and im pretty sure he’s doing just that, coming from 1 stinky nerd to the
    thousands of you, relax and let the man do his job.

  • Team6OWG 3 years ago

    Lets play is pretty gay though, so he does have a point.

  • Jamie_is_"awome" 3 years ago

    Real nice if you to only show the immature comments in order to make more
    of a joke outta them. Nice mooove dick.

  • Ramen Noodles 3 years ago

    Jimmy, you’re not going to win this war……..

  • Kenneth OG 3 years ago

    God you’re such an ignorant cunt

  • Jack Kelly 3 years ago

    I disagree with jimmy completely but some of these responses is just
    embarrassing. Telling people to die bc of an opinion is the reason our
    community is laughed at in the first place.

  • jotaroxtreme 3 years ago

    Honestly, I know the previous video was supposed to be comedy but I really
    just found it ignorant and douchey. This video however, doesn’t just put
    that ignorance on display and show a severe lack of knowledge, it comes off
    as rude and disrespectful.

    Here’s the deal, if you haven’t touched a game in the past 15 years, sure,
    you’re probably not going to understand the appeal. If you’re talking about
    arcade machines and when you were young, that’s a very different time and a
    very different culture. Gaming these days is the largest and most
    profitable entertainment industry by a long shot. Gaming has expanded well
    beyond the image of “kids” playing games from 20 years ago and is a
    mainstay of modern society *globally*. Gamers and people who play games in
    general also make up a very large portion of your audience.

    As to why people watch games, it can be for a variety of reasons. Some
    can’t buy a game for a variety of reasons (such as those who are deployed)
    and will choose to watch instead until they can. Some want to see the game
    in action before they buy so they know they’re not wasting their money.
    Others find it to be just another form of entertainment like watching TV
    shows or listening to radio shows, so when they can’t play, they watch.
    Then there’s some who like to interact with others who like the things they
    like, which can be said about any and all interests.

    There’s many, many reasons why people watch. I’ll say this, to wrap it up,
    yes I know you’re a comedian, but you shouldn’t poke fun at an entire
    culture without a basic knowledge of that culture. When you do the comedy
    that way, it really just comes off as douchey and rubs people the wrong
    way, regardless of what the topic is about.

  • IchJLAG 3 years ago

    I’m a gamer and you are just fucking FUNNY!!!! And you are right about
    everything, I play videogames but I do sports and gym, I know some people
    just sit 18hours per day just playing and wathing videogames, and thats all
    the people saying that to you. Love you bro!.

  • taifhamid1 3 years ago

    why do u watch other people play sports instead of playing for your

  • Nadir Hadji 3 years ago

    the only difference between the ones they watch football game and the ones
    they watch video games is the one watching video game is actually playing
    that game, many people watch other people playing games is because they
    need some walkthough in-game others me include prefer to watch gameplay so
    i can decide if i should buy it or not. i hope this will answered your
    question, before u talk about something u should atleast do some research
    so u can have a better understanding

  • Matt Palen 3 years ago

    Does he even play video games? In what ways does his opinion count for

  • AChocolateMinecraft 3 years ago

    Jimmy, you literally just offended millions of people to make a couple
    hundred thousand laugh for only a few minutes. SO many people are already
    calling for a formal apology and your head on a platter. You’re playing a
    dangerous game.

  • noah wayne 3 years ago

    He still doesn’t get it. I’ll preface this by saying I don’t typically
    enjoy watching other people play video games – except for the EVO
    tournament which can be fun.

    It really isn’t different than watching professional sports. Have you ever
    been to an NFL game or watched one in a bar? It is mostly out of shape guys
    chugging beer and wolfing down nachos. Some of these grown men are wearing
    jerseys with other grown men’s names on the back. The same applies to MLB,
    NBA, etc. Is that somehow socially acceptable? That doesn’t seem like
    anything to brag about.

    I enjoy the NBA, college football, and to some extent the NFL – but just
    because those are athletic activities I’m watching doesn’t confer some sort
    of “active” lifestyle on to me. You could easily tell a football fan to
    stop wasting their weekends by watching college football/NFL and go
    outside. You could apply that to any form of media – why watch anything
    when you could go outside and do something.

    He just sounds ignorant.

  • Ian Tusa 3 years ago

    I understand the joke, that’s fine. This however is purely infantile, Jimmy
    Kimmel is judging people for something he knows nothing about. He can’t
    even understand the most simple of analogies. It’s sad to have to do this
    but this is where I unsub. The attitude, ignorance, and bigotry against
    others is something I won’t support. this is no longer a joke but his true
    feelings. Shameful really.

  • Lennart Jacob 3 years ago

    Yes, socializing and identifying with people who have the same interests as
    you is ridiculous

  • Eth3431 3 years ago

    Upsets thousands of people then continues to make fun of them. Truly an

  • GraceanneParks 3 years ago


  • TheDoubleXLGamers 3 years ago

    Not going to lie the youtube gamer video you made was stupid not because it
    was making fun of gamers (I’m a gamer and I upload to youtube) it was
    stupid because it wasn’t anywhere near as good as some of the other stuff
    you do on the show Jimmy. This video is great because I love how people get
    so butt hurt over dumb things…. Oh and some gamers on youtube post videos
    where they read their comments and you just did this…. Welcome to youtube
    Jimmy, you are now one of us. lol

  • Captain007 _ 3 years ago

    why ur tags say jimmy fallon, colbert, stephen colbert,?

  • Innspire 3 years ago

    Wow, he picked all of the worst comments and none of the ones that were
    actually trying to help him understand why people watch others play video
    games. He also made fun of the grammar in everyone’s comments. No one is
    going to waste time making sure they have a grammatically correct sentence
    on a stupid and ignorant video.


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