Victory for Hong Kong’s Protesters, a Huge Cocaine Bust & Trump’s Tampa Rally | The Daily Show

Published on June 22, 2019

Protesters in Hong Kong score a major win against China, federal agents conduct an enormous drug bust, and President Trump kicks off his 2020 campaign.



  • 孖孖田 4 weeks ago

    Bill suspended, but it will come back to haunt us soon. China will not give up tightening its grip until they have total control. We must continue to fight, we have no choice.

  • Sean Maloney 4 weeks ago

    Congratulations Hong Kong!! If 1/3 of Americans came out and protested Trump he would be gone.

  • Dr. Archaeopteryx 4 weeks ago

    I want Trump to sing the Rick Astley song now

    Don’t look, you know the one

  • Simon Chowdhury 4 weeks ago

    Loved the wall in the sea joke 😂

  • Dick Penisman 4 weeks ago

    So that’s why my town has been as dry as the sandman’s dick. Thanks alot Philadelphia. Not really, fuck you.
    Government: You’re not allowed to do cocaine, it’s dangerous and bad for you.
    Also Government: Here drink this poison that literally impares your balance, movement, response time, sight, speech and mental thought process. You can find it at any bar or shitty gas station.

  • Aj Christian 4 weeks ago “…how we see and explain inequality drives our empathy and solidarity with others. We feel for people … facing hardship by no fault of their own … less sympathy for those whose situation, we think, is caused by poor choices or a lack of effort.” Right. So if anybody needs me, I’ll be over here in my chair awaiting the Disabled Lives Matter protest for enforcement of ADA in public spaces, (and the part of the ADA that trump repealed in 2017).

  • Shiroyasha 4 weeks ago


  • -Wicked- EharmonyWithMe 4 weeks ago

    Suspending, not withdrawing

  • acct4u 4 weeks ago

    Can’t someone attach an electrical wire to dump when he talks, and give him a JOLT when he begins to say something stupid or lie?

  • DeathlyHurtt 4 weeks ago

    We can’t do this in the US….cops kill people creating fear.

  • Mohammed Rizwan 4 weeks ago


  • Roberto Rojnic 4 weeks ago

    THis bit was funny! Cheers Trevor.

  • Naomi Meme 4 weeks ago

    Wait !!! So what’s gonna happen to the cocaine ?? Hmmmm hmmmm🥴🥴

  • Mike Keller 4 weeks ago

    Time for a massive protest against Dolt 45 ,criminal scamming everyone in his path.

  • cris figueroa 4 weeks ago

    He quoted “Under the sea” he the best human being alive lol

  • Nate Harris 4 weeks ago

    Trump is a joke. He’s the menace 2 our society. And that’s REAL!

  • Life In Review 4 weeks ago

    I don’t understand why people protest get what they want and still refuse apology? Wtf

  • Shaun Victory 4 weeks ago


  • Paul Hunt 4 weeks ago

    Trump! Idiot in 2016 and still an idiot now.

  • Rob Fisher 4 weeks ago

    If John Stewart hadnt built an audience, you would have no show. Your just not that funny, Its your delivery as well as your material.


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