Victoria’s Secret to launch new ‘diverse’ podcast

Published on June 18, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discusses the controversial lingerie brand’s move. #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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  • Robert Paynter 2 years ago

    Go woke ,go broke.

  • Claire Bear 2 years ago

    So being an in shape, feminine woman isn’t allowed anymore..We’re all supposed to look like brawny preteens? No thanks..Ill buy pretty underwear somewhere else. Looks like Soma might blow up now that VS isn’t gonna be much competition.

  • Michael Sears 2 years ago

    Wait, the same company that’s been exploiting women for over 50 yrs, is now worried about women’s rights? ARE YOU FKIN KIDDING ME?

  • Duke Makedo 2 years ago

    Who cares? Let them flop.

  • Joe Kerr 2 years ago

    The only silver lining is if Priyanka’s in lingerie

  • Joe Kerr 2 years ago

    Foxer boxers

  • Twisted Trailer Park Tales 2 years ago

    Feminists: beautiful women are awful awful people and should not be presented as beautiful.

    So who should?

    Feminists: why me of course.

    This is the lady equivalent of beta simps trashing gym rats and alpha males as they escape into video games where they get to live in a fantasy land where they’re the athletic and strong alpha males.

  • Don Mitchell 2 years ago

    tell me another good joke that went broke.

  • Barbara Smelser 2 years ago

    I guess sports Illustrated swimsuit models will have to go

  • Mike N 2 years ago

    Beautiful and Adorable women had their time, and now Victoria’s Secret says it’s over. They had a good run. Now, the creepy old women of “The View” represent the look of Victoria’s Secret.

  • Trevor Fisher 2 years ago

    This got me dead lmao

  • Lauren Hickey 2 years ago

    They literally would rather cancel the fashion show than show actual plus sized women on the catwalk

  • Cyrus Cain 2 years ago

    Been a fan of Victoria Secret for so long now and now they turn it into trash, goodbye Victoria Secret!

  • Aluno Pardal 2 years ago

    If anything stood behind VS it was the beautiful women. Is VS now turning their back on women? The change they make will be their last. I hope it was worth it… What happened to ‘girl power’?

  • Jen S 2 years ago

    This stupid “woke” move would be like Aston Martin or Bentley moving to sell KIAs. It will never happen. Victoria’s Secret was a luxury brand. I have spent tons of money in their store and online and now I won’t. It’s disgusting. As for their new ambassadors…I mean really Rapinoe? She is so far away from the vision of feminine beauty and sexy. She is unAmerican and had no character or values. Bring back the Angels or go broke.

  • Joseph Rivett 2 years ago

    Who’s running the show now? Gretchen Carleson ???

  • Abigail Antoine 2 years ago

    not yall acting like the Savage x Fenty show is not a thing, that is actually inclusive and show stunnign women and men of all sizes and shades, and sexualities. ohhhhhh… i see yall only wanna see really skinny tall mostly white women on the cat walk, with a sprinkle of diversity by race

  • The Barking Mouse 2 years ago

    Not boxers… Foxers…

  • THE SPEAKERS REVIEW 2 years ago

    New pornhub channels


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