Vice President Kamala Harris Discusses the Next Steps for Pardoning Marijuana Possession

Published on October 10, 2022

Vice President Kamala Harris urges governors and state legislators to follow the Biden administration’s lead and pardon those who have been criminalized for possession of marijuana before encouraging people to vote in the midterm elections.
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  • Kent Jones 6 months ago

    Keep those potheads in jail for life.

  • foilesd 6 months ago

    She convicts 2,000 people for marijuana as a DA, now she wants to win midterm votes by making marijuana legal…what a joke

  • New Message 6 months ago

    Pardon me?

    No, I mean it…

  • Giovanny Rosales 6 months ago

    Yall are going to want to turn off these comments.

  • Slique Vic 6 months ago

    Kamala is so fake. All politicians are crooked, my opinion. But Kamala is just on another level.

  • Midnight O.G 6 months ago

    “Nobody should have to go to jail for smokin weed” American VP, considering she helped a portion of them go jail.🤔 Interesting.

  • DickyV02 6 months ago

    Wow… what cave did you dig her out of to come speak? I wouldn’t have wasted my time. She hasn’t done a thing for anyone.

  • The Ran Dumb Car Guy 6 months ago

    I’ll smoke a joint to that.

  • Korodski 6 months ago

    Oh boy this dum dum

  • Eric Allen 6 months ago

    #POTUS #VP #KamalaHarris should INCENTIVES / REWARD #STATES… IDK🤔

  • Ashley Feawen 6 months ago

    If you want policymakers to progress in their ideologies, then criticizing them for having a different stance now to the past is silly. Be receptive to change, especially if people admit it’s a mea culpa

  • SunRush 6 months ago

    Omg ❤️

  • Sam Nelson 6 months ago

    Weed is so so much less damaging than tobacco. The taxes raised from tobacco have been extraordinary. Would that those same taxes had been put towards healing the damage that tobacco has caused (thank you marlboro man – how many of those actors died with cancer?) instead of having been used for military spending or – worse – lining the pockets of congresspeople.
    Look into the carcinogenic ADDITIVES! added to tobacco leaf to make it burn & compare that to the basic plant that is sativa or indica.
    Our mutating the plant to achieve hydroponics (skunk) may well be dubious but even then the toxins associated with it are far far less than is in the mass produced tobacco products.

    Sheet, i don’t even smoke the stuff but even i can see that this is a long overdue correction.

  • Bonghune Zhou 6 months ago

    As a local and state-level prosecutor, Kamela the Kop aggressively had gone after users of cannabis…(talk about flip-flopping) 😞

  • Andros C 6 months ago

    The Border Czar is visionary. The increased illegal population will not be charged for substance abused.

  • js2010ish 6 months ago

    What a complete fake human 🤥

  • lizza 6 months ago

    where’s the other half of the interview?

  • New Moon 6 months ago

    If we vote accordingly & noting is done I’ll be very upset as a stop lossed Iraqi Veteran who lost two friends: SGT Juan Carlos Cabral Banuelos, 25 & Sgt. Eliu Miersandoval, 27.

    You want to tell a *Real American immigrant* story, those two are it. Their loss hurt a lot of people.

    One cannot overstate the suffering that veterans have gone through at the hands of people who voted for those wars, Biden & Hillary amongst them. Make. It. Right.

  • Seminky 6 months ago

    Never trust a politician with indian blood.


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