Veterans Eric Greitens And Jake Wood Continue Serving

Published on November 26, 2015

Subjects of the book “Charlie Mike” by Joe Klein, Eric Greitens and Jake Wood talk about how they’ve continued serving after returning home.

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  • Baljit Kaur 5 years ago

    I hope that dude becomes the governor for Missouri. We need more people
    that actually care about veterans and the American populous in general.

  • The Great Catsby 5 years ago

    Very good interview. And the Bach opening was a nice touch.

  • wakingup2010 5 years ago

    Nice Fellows, good Men!

  • Susan B 5 years ago

    these guys reflect true America. I wish more folks like this were in

  • Luna 5 years ago

    Great interview, they are doing a great job. Btw, Jake is hot ??

  • drivic 5 years ago

    Stupid military and their constant bullshit speech, Jesus Christ the
    propaganda never ends.
    What are you so proud of anyway? Of volunteering to go spread America’s
    imperialism and go fuck up countries that were already fucked up and poor
    to begin with?
    These idiots speak as if they were conscripts forced to fight the wars of
    the powerful, as if their cause was a big, tragic and inevitable one.
    Bullshit.The reality is most of these guys actively seek the military
    careers for a change of killing people, for a chance of armed violence and
    fighting the abstract evil non-white (read asians, arabs, sub-saharan

    Yeah they’re doing something decent by trying to rehabilitate veterans, but
    couldn’t they have done all of this without first volunteering to go to
    war? Couldn’t they have helped their communities without first loosing
    their limbs and even minds for a worthless cause and without first fucking
    up some random, insignificant place in the world they would probably never
    have heard of in their entire lives?
    Yes, yes they fucking could.

  • fook offplz 5 years ago

    Why does America love murderers so much?


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